How To Spell dial?

Correct spelling: dial

What does the abbreviation dial mean?

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What are the rhymes for dial?

  1. nile, file, hile, bile, stile, style, isle, geil, pyle, trial, mile, while, weill, phyle, pile, gile, kyle, lile, weil, bille, kile, aisle, smile, tile, rile, guile, kyl, vile, seil, lyle, niall, sheil, wile;
  2. vial, nial, hostile, defile, beguile, rial, compile, argyll, lisle, lyall, revile, mikhail, fertile, nevile, worthwhile, restyle, awhile, soleil, marseille;
  3. mistrial, redial, versatile, retrial, denial, pretrial;

What are the translations for dial?

Afrikaans word for Dial


Arabic word for Dial

يُدِيرُ قُرْصَ الهَاتِف.

Bengali word for Dial


Chinese word for Dial


Dutch words for Dial

draaien, kiezen, knop, wijzerplaat, draaiknop, draaischijf, intoetsen, kiesschijf, nummerschijf.

French words for Dial

appeler, touche, composer, bouton, cadran.

German words for Dial

Skala, Drehscheibe, Zifferblatt, bellen, Wählscheibe, Visage, Nummernscheibe, Ringe.

Greek word for Dial

παίρνω τηλέφωνο.

Hindi word for Dial


Italian word for Dial


Japanese word for Dial


Javanese word for Dial


Korean word for Dial

전화를 걸다.

Malay word for Dial


Marathi word for Dial


Polish words for Dial

pokrętło, tarcza, wybrać numer.

Portuguese words for Dial

ligar, telefonar, discar, relógio de sol.

Romanian word for Dial

a forma un număr.

Russian word for Dial

набирать номер.

Spanish words for Dial

indicador, medir, marcar, disco, mostrador, esfera, marcado, dial, cuadrante, selector, sintonizador.

Swedish word for Dial


Tamil word for Dial


Turkish word for Dial


Ukrainian word for Dial

набирати номер.

Vietnamese word for Dial

quay số.