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Correct spelling: Diarrhea


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Examples of usage for Diarrhea:

  1. Diarrhea and dysentery alone took the lives of 44, 558 Union soldiers. – The Civil War Centennial Handbook by William H. Price
  2. Aw, yes, he always kep' a diarrhea – Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon 1893 by Hall Caine
  3. Never give him patent remedies which are said to relieve the pain of teething, or to make him sleep, or to cure diarrhea for such medicines are likely to do the baby much more harm than good, especially in summer when the digestion is so easily disturbed. – Parent and Child Vol. III., Child Study and Training by Mosiah Hall

Rhymes for Diarrhea:

  1. diarrhoea, eritrea, galatea, galleria, gonorrhea, hosea, idea, judea, korea, maria, medea, nicosia, panacea, pia, pizzeria, rhea, shia, sofia, thea, tia, tortilla, urea, dulcinea, rosalia, via, mia, ria, samaria, sophia, timothea, zia, dorothea, keziah, ikea, orea, snia, minebea, hialeah;
  2. cia, gaea, ia, leah, lia, bria, chia, jia, dhia;
  3. althea, crimea, duryea, cea, corea, garcia;
  4. cytherea, tanzania, caesarea, asea, alethea, amalea;
  5. anamaria;