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How To Spell direct?

Correct spelling: direct

Definition of direct:

  1. put an address on (an envelope, for example)

List of misspellings for direct:

  • directroy,
  • directror,
  • direcotry,
  • disrect,
  • derecter,
  • directily,
  • diroctor,
  • direcftor,
  • directof,
  • sirect,
  • ddirectly,
  • adirect,
  • diricly,
  • directiion,
  • diorected,
  • drictor,
  • derlict,
  • derilect,
  • disuict,
  • directy,
  • drirectly,
  • ciruct,
  • crrect,
  • diresct,
  • dificut,
  • directin,
  • dilect,
  • diren't,
  • directiing,
  • dierictor,
  • direclty,
  • dierctor,
  • directlly,
  • directely,
  • ditrict,
  • diret,
  • directted,
  • directon,
  • diffacoty,
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  • diduct,
  • dierent.

What does the abbreviation direct mean?

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Furniture retail company

DFS, stylised as dfs and formerly Direct Furnishing Supplies, is a furniture retailer in the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands and Ireland specialising in sofas and soft furnishings. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Direct Me

Elections in India


The 2014 general election involved an electorate of 863,500,000 people. It was conducted in nine stages. The expenditure for the 2014 election was approximately 3765 crore. The cost per voter was Rs 1375. Votes were cast using over one million electronic voting machines.

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Translations for direct:

Afrikaans words for Direct

absoluut, direkte.

Arabic word for Direct


Bengali word for Direct


Chinese word for Direct


Dutch words for Direct

openhartig, besturen, precies, rechtstreeks, regisseren, dirigeren, instrueren, onmiddellijk, een opdracht geven, aan aanwijzingen geven.

French words for Direct

mener, conduire, diriger, adresser, pointer, orienter, exact, direct, franc, guider.

German words for Direct

dirigieren, leiten, gerade, weisen, vorschreiben, anordnen, regeln, lenken, unmittelbar, anweisen, durchgehend, steuern, richten, klar, konkret, direkt, lotsen, inszenieren, leiden, bei Regie führen, umsteigefrei, frontal.

Greek word for Direct


Italian word for Direct


Japanese words for Direct

直接, 直接的, じか, 真直, 方向づける, 采配を振る, 采配を振るう, ずっと, ずうっと, いいつける, とおし, ずーっと, 方向付ける, ちょく.

Korean word for Direct


Malay word for Direct


Marathi word for Direct


Portuguese words for Direct

claro, imediato, visar, apontar, contínuo, conduzir, comandar, direto, chefiar, directa, direcionar, directos, directas, sem rodeios, sem desvios.

Russian words for Direct

прямой, непосредственный.

Spanish words for Direct

abierto, exacto, reto, dirigir, controlar, administrar, inmediato, sincero, directo, recta, directamente, franco, mandar, orientar, gobernar, sin rodeos.

Swedish word for Direct


Tamil word for Direct


Ukrainian word for Direct


Vietnamese word for Direct

trực tiếp.