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How To Spell dis?

Correct spelling: dis

Definition of dis:

  1. The god Pluto.

List of misspellings for dis:

  • dit,
  • mis,
  • di,
  • dayss,
  • dissy,
  • adis,
  • dgs,
  • tyhis,
  • nis,
  • disamy,
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What does the abbreviation dis mean?

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disJam is an acid-jazz and jazz-funk band from Hamburg, Germany. The band's members have included Christoph Kähler, Sascha Panknin, Volker Kurnoth, Ralf Petter, Ole Janssen and Oliver Schumacher. disJam was formed in the early 1990s and has been known in Germany, Switzerland and Austria since the mid-1990s; they have frequently been on tour with Die Fantastischen Vier, as well as performed on their albums Lauschgift and Live und Direkt.

Diss Town F.C.


Soccer club

Diss Town Football Club is a football club based in Diss, Norfolk, England. Affiliated to the Norfolk County FA they are currently members of the Eastern Counties League Division One and play at Brewers Green Lane.

Grotella dis


Grotella dis is a species of moth in the genus Grotella, of the family Noctuidae. This moth species is found in North America, from the Argus mts. in Kansas to North Mexico.

Leendert van Dis


Olympic athlete

Leendert Frans van Dis is a retired Dutch rower. Together with Harry Droog he won a silver medal in the coxless pairs event at the 1968 Summer Olympics.

Synacroloxis dis


Synacroloxis dis is a moth of the Scythrididae family, and the only species in the genus Synacroloxis. It was described by Gozmány in 1952. It is found in Hungary.

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Examples of usage for dis:

  1. 3. Dis patch', a message. – McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader by William Holmes McGuffey
  2. Please, Marse Henry, let Sammy keep dis money. – The Underdog by F. Hopkinson Smith

Rhymes for dis:

  1. biss, bliss, swiss, kis, rys, gillis, diss, suisse, risse, resists, remiss, sis, wis, hiss, cysts, liss, miss, kiss, this, pris, chris, persists, wiss, riss, flis, fiss, lis, fis, cris, chriss, insists, gris, stys, bis, lists, kris, kriss, vis;
  2. amiss, abyss, consists, exists, enlists, dismiss, assists;
  3. reminisce;

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