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What are the rhymes for disagree?

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  2. agree, abee, ac, adee, achee, albee, alee;
  3. addressee, adoree, absentee, abt, amc, adoptee, amputee;
  4. interviewee, hnat, irit, geac, knbc, lapd;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for disagree?

Afrikaans word for Disagree


Arabic word for Disagree


Bengali word for Disagree


Chinese word for Disagree


French words for Disagree

diverger, ne pas être d'accord, ne pas être du même avis, ne pas concorder, être en désaccord.

German words for Disagree

widersprechen, nicht einverstanden sein, nicht zustimmen, uneinig sein, verschiedener Meinung sein.

Greek word for Disagree


Hindi word for Disagree


Italian word for Disagree


Japanese word for Disagree


Korean word for Disagree

의견이 맞지 않다.

Marathi word for Disagree

असहमत आहात.

Norwegian word for Disagree

være uenig.

Polish word for Disagree

nie zgodzić się.

Portuguese word for Disagree


Romanian word for Disagree

a se contrazice.

Russian word for Disagree

не соглашаться.

Spanish words for Disagree

discutir, contradecir, diferir, discrepar, disentir, divergir, no estar de acuerdo.

Swedish word for Disagree

inte hålla med.

Tamil word for Disagree

கருத்து வேறுபாடு.

Turkish word for Disagree


Ukrainian word for Disagree

не погоджуватися.