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How To Spell disguise?

Correct spelling: disguise

What are the misspellings for disguise ?

  • disgused,
  • desscuse,
  • distigish,
  • disgace,
  • disquist,
  • dicusse,
  • disguess,
  • discrase,
  • dimuscuse,
  • discuste,
  • disgized,
  • dixoxide,
  • disgussed,
  • disgrase,
  • disuise,
  • discusin,
  • disguized,
  • disscuse,
  • disguss,
  • disuict,
  • disgiused,
  • disciuss,
  • disguiosing,
  • desiguse,
  • discurse,
  • diguse,
  • distiguise,
  • dismise,
  • disoutes,
  • disguesd,
  • deisise,
  • dusciuss,
  • disguie,
  • disguist,
  • descuse,
  • diguises,
  • disscusse,
  • disgusie,
  • desgust,
  • dispize,
  • disccuse,
  • discouse,
  • discize,
  • dissucss,
  • diseise,
  • discaimer,
  • disguese,
  • disguies,
  • distiquish,
  • disgueses,
  • diskuss,
  • disgnose,
  • dispise,
  • disquised,
  • dicuise,
  • disgrae,
  • disice,
  • turguoise,
  • discuse,
  • distice,
  • dusgust,
  • disquises,
  • disesise,
  • diskus,
  • duguise,
  • dispies,
  • disgin,
  • dissuse,
  • disguesed,
  • disguses,
  • discuised,
  • disguis,
  • dispsie,
  • disquise,
  • discusee,
  • dispurse,
  • discuce,
  • disguest,
  • duscuiss,
  • disgiuse,
  • desquised,
  • disguisted,
  • desguise,
  • discusse,
  • disgise,
  • desgized,
  • dissucuss,
  • disgusied,
  • digise,
  • discause,
  • disguste,
  • distiguish,
  • discuuss,
  • disguard,
  • disise,
  • discase,
  • desguises,
  • deisguise,
  • thirtysix,
  • discise.

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What are the quotes for disguise?

  1. Another belief of mine; that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.
  2. We, in our Province, are beginning to realize and appreciate that our slowness in keeping up with our North American neighbours may well have been a blessing in disguise.
  3. I beg of you... never assume an inner or an outer pose, never a disguise.
  4. Praise undeserved, is satire in disguise.
  5. Speech was given to man to disguise his thoughts.

What are the rhymes for disguise?

  1. chastise, comprise, y's, size, replies, dyes, sighs, julies, emprise, thais, relies, implies, grise, dries, despise, pries, cries, revise, pies, rise, plies, buys, unties, skies, spies, guys, eis, decries, dies, bise, mies, complies, marseilles, surmise, highs, denies, hise, vies, eyes, ayes, dise, defies, incise, flies, surprise, ries, ais, geis, bies, crise, prize, fries, ise, supplies, upsize, tries, wise, wyse, lise, lies, kise, goodbyes, unwise, wies, shies, demise, pint-size, guise, ties, thighs, nies;
  2. arise, applies, reprise, apprise, advise, allies, belies, baptize, devise;
  3. oversize, improvise, underlies;
  4. sensationalize, decriminalize;

What are the translations for disguise?

Afrikaans word for Disguise


Arabic word for Disguise


Dutch words for Disguise

veranderen, mom, verdoezelen, dekmantel, voorwendsel, maskeren, vermommen, vermomming, schijn, verbloemen, onherkenbaar maken.

French words for Disguise

masquer, cacher, dissimuler, occulter, travestir, déguiser, camoufler, maquiller.

German words for Disguise

verstellen, verdecken, Tarnung, verhüllen, Verstellung, verbergen, Verkleidung, verschleiern, tarnen, blenden, verhehlen, Verschleierung, unkenntlich machen, Maske, Maskierung, Verhüllung, Deckmantel, Mummenschanz.

Greek word for Disguise


Hindi word for Disguise


Italian word for Disguise


Japanese words for Disguise

偽装, 変装, 仮装, めいさい, かめん, ふくめん, 覆面, へんそう, 化の皮, 化けの皮, 仮面, かそう, ぎそう, ぎそうこうさく, ばけのかわ, 擬装, 偽装工作, 変装する.

Javanese word for Disguise


Korean word for Disguise


Malay word for Disguise


Norwegian word for Disguise


Polish word for Disguise


Portuguese words for Disguise

encobrir, disfarçar, disfarce, mascarar, dissimular, máscara, dissimulação, camuflagem, embuço, fosca.

Romanian word for Disguise

a deghiza.

Russian words for Disguise

маскировка, переодевание, переодевать.

Spanish words for Disguise

ocultar, fingir, esconder, encubrir, disimular, disfrazar, maquillar, disfraz, disfrazarse, enmascarar, camuflar, encubrimiento.

Swedish word for Disguise


Tamil word for Disguise


Turkish word for Disguise


Ukrainian word for Disguise


Vietnamese word for Disguise

cải trang.