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Correct spelling: disgust

Definition of disgust:

  1. Disgustingly.
  2. Strong dislike or aversion to what is offensive to the taste, or to what is offensive in any respect.
  3. To excite aversion; to offend the taste.

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Quotes for disgust:

  1. Any newspaper, from the first line to the last, is nothing but a web of horrors, I cannot understand how an innocent hand can touch a newspaper without convulsing in disgust.
  2. For disorder obstructs: besides, it doth disgust life, distract the appetities, and yield no true relish to the senses.
  3. If ever a man and his wife, or a man and his mistress, who pass nights as well as days together, absolutely lay aside all good breeding, their intimacy will soon degenerate into a coarse familiarity, infallibly productive of contempt or disgust.
  4. Unless an entire row of people got up in the middle of a performance and left the theater in disgust, I felt as though I hadn't done my job.
  5. Man thrives where angels would die of ecstasy and where pigs would die of disgust.