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How To Spell disgusting?

Correct spelling: disgusting

Definition of disgusting:

  1. Disgustingly.

List of misspellings for disgusting:

  • disscousing,
  • discussling,
  • discussingthe,
  • descusting,
  • disquising,
  • discecting,
  • discustingly,
  • disscustion,
  • discussinon,
  • disgustting,
  • discusing,
  • discussining,
  • discusssing,
  • discsussion,
  • disgusiting,
  • disssgusts,
  • disgosting,
  • discusin,
  • disgusing,
  • disucusing,
  • duisgusting,
  • disgestive,
  • desvastaing,
  • discarting,
  • disctusting,
  • discusissing,
  • dusgusting,
  • disscusing,
  • disccussing,
  • disucussing,
  • disqusting,
  • discusteing,
  • discuting,
  • disgustment,
  • desusting,
  • disguarding,
  • dissgusting,
  • disscusting,
  • distgusting,
  • disgasting,
  • degusting,
  • discusting,
  • diiscussing,
  • disuccing,
  • digusting,
  • desguisting,
  • discussiing,
  • dogsitting,
  • resquesting,
  • disquesting,
  • disjustice,
  • discustion,
  • discasting,
  • discussuing,
  • discgusting,
  • descussing,
  • dsicussing,
  • dysfunciton,
  • disgestion,
  • disgussing,
  • discusiing,
  • digestin,
  • disguting,
  • disguiesing,
  • ausgustine,
  • disquisting,
  • desgusting,
  • disgsting,
  • duscussing,
  • unsugesting,
  • descustion,
  • thislisting,
  • discussinging,
  • suggusting,
  • disguseing,
  • disbursting,
  • disguiosing,
  • dusguisting,
  • discousting,
  • segesting,
  • discuessing,
  • disscussing,
  • disgustling,
  • diskusting,
  • discussisng,
  • disusting,
  • disucssing,
  • discussicon,
  • discussting,
  • disccusing,
  • dicusting,
  • desigwishing,
  • descusing,
  • disgcusting,
  • disucting,
  • disucsisng,
  • discuscion,
  • disgustion,
  • disguesting,
  • disguisting.

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The Dictionary of Disgusting Facts


Book by Alan Williams and Maggie Noach

The Dictionary of Disgusting Facts is a 1986 book by Alan Williams and Maggie Noach. This cult oddity is a collection of often disgusting anecdotes and definitions. The foreword is by Barry Humphries' alter ego Sir Les Patterson.

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Google Ngram Viewer results for disgusting:

This graph shows how "disgusting" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for disgusting:

  1. Clinton's attempt to socialize healthcare was the second most disgusting thing he did in the oval office. I can't remember was the first thing was.
  2. Psycho -analyses, how disgusting.
  3. I think hard drugs are disgusting. But I must say, I think marijuana is pretty lightweight.
  4. If I ever loved a woman, the more I loved her, the more I wanted to hurt her. Frida was only the most obvious victim of this disgusting trait.
  5. Maybe that's the whole teen oeuvre, you know covering people in disgusting bodily fluids and whatnot.

Translations for disgusting:

Afrikaans word for Disgusting


Arabic word for Disgusting

مُثِيرٌ لِلاِشْمِئْزاز.

Chinese word for Disgusting


French words for Disgusting

dégoûtant, abominable, infect, détestable, ignoble, écœurant.

German words for Disgusting

fies, unangenehm, widerlich, ekelhaft, eklig, ekelig, abartig, abscheulich, ekelerregend, unappetitlich, anstoßerregend, verabscheuenswert, anekelnd, anwidernd, ekelnd, aasig.

Greek word for Disgusting


Italian word for Disgusting


Japanese words for Disgusting

穢らわしい, 鼻持ちならぬ, 汚らわしい, いけ好かない, 最低, さいてい, はなもちならぬ, おぞましい, グロい, ぐろい, いけすかない, きもい, キモい, 悍ましい, きしょくがわるい, けがらわしい, 気色悪い, むかむかする.

Javanese word for Disgusting


Korean word for Disgusting


Malay word for Disgusting


Norwegian word for Disgusting


Polish word for Disgusting


Portuguese words for Disgusting

repugnante, nojento, imundo, revoltante, vergonhoso, nojenta, nauseante, que causa aversão, nojoso, abjecto.

Spanish words for Disgusting

aborrecible, diferente, horroroso, asqueroso, desagradable, indignante, vergonzoso, repulsivo, indecente, despreciable, nauseabundo, odioso, inmundo, hediondo, asqueante, de mal gusto, repelente, desastroso.

Swedish word for Disgusting