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Correct spelling: dish

Definition of dish:

  1. A shallow vessel for serving up food at the table; the food served in a dish; a particular kind of food; a concavity; a trough in which ore is measured.
  2. To put in a dish, as meat for table; to make concave like a dish; to disappoint and ruin, or do for See Discus.

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Examples of usage for dish:

  1. Dish them, and grate loaf- sugar over them. –  by
  2. Drain them, spread them on a dish and sprinkle them with powdered sugar. –  by
  3. Lift them out, put them on a glass dish and when the syrup is cold, strain it over them. –  by

Rhymes for dish:

  1. fish, frisch, gish, swish, wish, bish, kish, rish, tish, trish, ish, disch, isch, lish;