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How To Spell dish?

Correct spelling: dish

List of misspellings for dish:

  • sewdish,
  • witsh,
  • dist,
  • dishwsher,
  • dieth,
  • yidish,
  • iirsh,
  • diji,
  • wiwsh,
  • dteh,
  • kadish,
  • trish,
  • dishe,
  • disch,
  • diwth,
  • wjich,
  • desigh,
  • hitesh,
  • hish,
  • dishion,
  • doeshave,
  • dirvish,
  • jeiwsh,
  • tarsh,
  • timeshe,
  • nitish,
  • firsh,
  • dight,
  • nishe,
  • quish,
  • digh,
  • 40ish,
  • disher,
  • dalisha,
  • dadash,
  • wiosh,
  • pish,
  • diyd,
  • fish,
  • dise,
  • dusch,
  • 30ish,
  • dishasher,
  • didtch,
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  • saidshe,
  • toshow,
  • dsh,
  • sish,
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  • daichi,
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  • dushawn.

What does the abbreviation dish mean?

Related words for dish

Dish Gadugi


Dish Gadugi is a village in Dizmar-e Sharqi Rural District, Minjavan District, Khoda Afarin County, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 51, in 9 families.

House dish


A house dish is a very large wooden dish, often ornately carved and painted in various human or animal figures, used in First Nations ceremonies in British Columbia.

Keihan rice


Keihan is a local dish of the Amami Islands, Kagoshima Prefecture in the south of Japan. It is generally cooked with chicken, and although the exact recipe can vary, it often includes ingredients such as egg, pickles, dried shiitake, orange peel, nori, soup stock and sake.

Patrick Bertoletti


Patrick "Deep Dish" Bertoletti is an American competitive eater from Chicago.



Ziva is an Israeli dish made of puff pastry topped with sesame field and stuffed with cheese and olives. The origin of the dish comes from an Israeli of Yemenite origin named Neri Avneri who invented the dish in 1989 at Nargilla restaurant, the dish is named after his wife.

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Rhymes for dish:

  1. wish, frisch, kish, ish, lish, fish, bish, rish, trish, disch, isch, swish, gish, tish;

Translations for dish:

Afrikaans word for Dish


Arabic word for Dish


Chinese words for Dish

碟, 皿, 的菜, 菜肴, 盘, 菜色, 盘子.

Dutch words for Dish

schaal, schotel, tabak.

French words for Dish

plat, assiette, repas, antenne parabolique, mets, parabole.

German words for Dish

Platte, gerecht, Bord, Gericht, Schale, Speise, Teller, Tiegel, Schüssel.

Hindi word for Dish


Italian word for Dish


Javanese word for Dish


Korean word for Dish


Malay word for Dish


Marathi word for Dish


Polish word for Dish


Portuguese words for Dish

prato, parabólica, travessa.

Romanian words for Dish

antenă, farfurie.

Spanish words for Dish

fuente, plato, parabólica, guiso, reflector, parábola.

Swedish word for Dish


Tamil word for Dish


Ukrainian word for Dish


Vietnamese word for Dish