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How To Spell dismiss?

Correct spelling: dismiss

List of misspellings for dismiss:

  • discides,
  • dissuss,
  • dissiness,
  • discize,
  • disise,
  • dismaissal,
  • daducing,
  • dismsissal,
  • dismised,
  • dissmis,
  • disthymic,
  • deisise,
  • dissmissing,
  • dismissle,
  • discess,
  • dismising,
  • dispies,
  • dismssed,
  • dismorphia,
  • dismisse,
  • dissmisle,
  • disises,
  • dismassal,
  • discise,
  • dismisssed,
  • discises,
  • dismissl,
  • dissmisive,
  • dimisses,
  • discipes,
  • dilimas,
  • dissess,
  • dissmissive,
  • dissmiss,
  • disiness,
  • disesise,
  • dimise,
  • duscuiss,
  • discuiss,
  • dismissave,
  • dimiss,
  • dismise,
  • dismisall,
  • dsimiss,
  • desmissed,
  • disciuss,
  • disress,
  • dismiissed,
  • dismissmal,
  • dismsised,
  • dismisal,
  • dismises,
  • dissmisal,
  • disnmissal,
  • dusciuss,
  • diseise,
  • dismil,
  • disaesse,
  • dimimish,
  • desmise,
  • disuss,
  • dismisssal,
  • discyuss,
  • dismiised,
  • distess,
  • tirimisu,
  • duisgise,
  • dissmisses,
  • dismaid,
  • d agency,
  • dismisive,
  • diseises,
  • disgise,
  • diskise,
  • dismi,
  • desmissal,
  • dismessed,
  • dismisss,
  • dissmissed,
  • disuise,
  • dismmissed,
  • dissmissal,
  • dismmisal,
  • dismissd,
  • dismis,
  • dissmising,
  • dismmised,
  • disciss,
  • dismissel,
  • cirtmis,
  • disies,
  • demiss,
  • dmismissal,
  • dissmised,
  • discieds,
  • disminish,
  • deiseise,
  • dismisale,
  • dsmissing,
  • desmiss.

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People v. Clayton


Case in court

People v. Clayton, 41 A.D.2d 204, 208 was a case before the Supreme Court of New York, Appellate Division. It determined that a trial court, when considering a "motion to dismiss in the interest of justice", must convene an evidentiary hearing to consider whether the dismissal would in fact be in the "interest of justice."

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Examples of usage for dismiss:

  1. Among other things I’ ve had to dismiss old Follett.

Rhymes for dismiss:

  1. liss, diss, pris, kriss, remiss, cysts, chris, hiss, wis, wiss, dis, fiss, suisse, biss, resists, cris, this, gillis, lists, fis, flis, insists, bliss, vis, lis, swiss, kis, chriss, risse, miss, kiss, kris, riss, bis, stys, rys, persists, gris, sis;
  2. assists, abyss, amiss, consists, exists, enlists;
  3. reminisce;

Translations for dismiss:

Afrikaans word for Dismiss


Arabic word for Dismiss


Bengali word for Dismiss

খারিজ করা.

Chinese words for Dismiss

遣散, 辞, 辞退, 罢免, 屏除, 黜退, 摒除.

French words for Dismiss

nier, balayer, licencier, renvoyer, rejeter, ignorer, dissoudre, absoudre, destituer, démettre.

German words for Dismiss

ausstellen, aufgeben, ablehnen, absetzen, aufheben, entlassen, verwerfen, abweisen, verabschieden, abtun, abberufen, vom Amt absetzen.

Greek word for Dismiss


Hindi word for Dismiss


Italian word for Dismiss


Japanese word for Dismiss


Javanese word for Dismiss


Korean word for Dismiss


Malay word for Dismiss


Marathi word for Dismiss

डिसमिस करा.

Norwegian word for Dismiss


Portuguese words for Dismiss

demitir, rejeitar, desprezar, indeferir, desvalorizar, dissolver, não fazer caso de.

Romanian word for Dismiss

a îndepărta.

Spanish words for Dismiss

destituir, descartar, despedir, revocar, rechazar, desestimar, desechar, olvidar, ignorar, negar, denegar, absolver, cesar, dispensar, marginar.

Swedish word for Dismiss


Tamil word for Dismiss

பதவி நீக்கம்.

Turkish word for Dismiss


Vietnamese word for Dismiss

bỏ đi.