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How To Spell display?

Correct spelling: display

List of misspellings for display:

  • resuplay,
  • desplay,
  • disiplen,
  • displayd,
  • disiplane,
  • disaplnary,
  • diseplinary,
  • discinplary,
  • dissplay,
  • displas,
  • dysplay,
  • dispsal,
  • disemelar,
  • disiple,
  • deeplly,
  • diaply,
  • dispie,
  • deisplay,
  • disaplinary,
  • discplin,
  • discplen,
  • disicple,
  • disaplenary,
  • versiply,
  • diploy,
  • disaplship,
  • despertaly,
  • dispath,
  • disiplan,
  • espialy,
  • dispalys,
  • disaply,
  • displine,
  • dsplay,
  • discaplin,
  • toplay,
  • dosepak,
  • disaplay,
  • donwplay,
  • disaple,
  • disopline,
  • dislay,
  • dissepear,
  • dsiplays,
  • desemploye,
  • disaplane,
  • displae,
  • disspar,
  • displat,
  • disciplan,
  • disppalys,
  • cosplay,
  • dispays,
  • disiplene,
  • desplays,
  • disap,
  • displanary,
  • disappar,
  • dispar,
  • dsiplay,
  • dispell,
  • diplay,
  • despertley,
  • displayig,
  • displa,
  • disperal,
  • desprely,
  • disporal,
  • dispplay,
  • deplay,
  • displed,
  • dislpay,
  • dissaplin,
  • diazapam,
  • disaplen,
  • disaplne,
  • dicsiple,
  • disply,
  • dispalay,
  • discipliary,
  • disiplin,
  • disabialy,
  • despertly,
  • discple,
  • dispplays,
  • displys,
  • dispaly,
  • dispklay,
  • diesplay,
  • dissipear,
  • disspear,
  • displatch,
  • dissplays,
  • dislplay,
  • discplay,
  • desperly,
  • dispoal,
  • disposla,
  • desiple,
  • dispair.

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Rhymes for display:

  1. hay, lay, pei, cay, fay, sze, mae, vey, khe, day, sleigh, hwe, paye, rae, blay, trey, may, grey, gway, pay, nay, raye, maye, ley, re, se, hey, dae, flay, tay, stray, bay, waye, fey, sta, daye, kay, shea, drey, faye, ae, de, they, gaye, dray, pray, prey, wey, frey, che, weigh, jaye, dey, wray, tray, brae, kaye, wei, k, stay, yea, fray, rey, nej, j, ne, ay, say, mey, mei, lei, fe, sway, jay, bey, klay, play, lait, bray, slay, wy, yay, saye, graye, quay, way, tae, ray, whey, ca, neigh, spray, jae, cray, haye, brey, gray, clay, shay, quai, ney;
  2. millay, orsay, dismay, b-j, belay, macrae, nikkei, cafe, monet, abbe, halfway, delray, da, delay, convey, gervais, essay, dossier, chalet, asay, hurray, purvey, ek, crochet, risque, ole, croquet, away, beauvais, replay, hervey, ga, portray, prepay, oj, moray, calais, obey, toupee, decay, hooray, cliche, manet, bombay, carre, parquet, array, olay, sorbet, mackay, o'shea, dk, beret, fillet, okay, cache, puree, souffle, rene, cathay, defray, astray, valet, mckay, passe, betray, soiree, buffet, today, saute, allay, nisei, filet, survey, sergei, mcveigh, renee, repay, bouquet, jose, levey, mccrea, ha, ballet;
  3. overplay, dak, cabaret, monterrey, ita, faberge, cea, monterey, underplay, perrier, aaa, jna, cabernet, overstay, disarray, underway, fiance, intraday, bta, bua, ekk, ira, disobey, chevrolet, bouvier, attache, lyonnais, uva, piaget;
  4. communique, noaa, naivete, cabriolet, hiaa, ceta, foia, asea;
  5. waga;

Translations for display:

Arabic word for Display


Chinese words for Display

显示屏, 显示器, 陈列, 展列, 摆设, 发挥, 颁示, 陈设, 铺放, 陈放, 罗布, 铺摊.

Dutch words for Display

beeldscherm, weergave, scherm, vertoning, vertoon.

French words for Display

affichage, écran, présentation, présentoir, afficher, présenter, exposer, montrer, spectacle, exhiber, visualisation, parader, afficheur, étalage, faire étalage de.

German words for Display

Ausgabe, ausgeben, ausstellen, Ausstellung, auflegen, zeigen, Exposition, anzeigen, beweisen, Darstellung, Anzeige, auslegen, Display, abbilden, entfalten, Monitor, Bildschirm, Abbildung, Bildschirmanzeige, Ansicht, Auslage, Schaufensterdekoration, Schaukasten, Analoganzeige, Zurschaustellung, Auszeichnung, Demonstration, Schaufensterauslage, Schautafel, Entfaltung, Bezeigung, zur Schau stellen, an den Tag legen, zur Schau tragen, stolzieren, balzen, auskramen, Manifestation, Porter.

Italian words for Display

esposizione, manifestazione.

Japanese words for Display

ディスプレイ, 展示, 発揮, 見え, みせる, 見栄え, ご覧に入れる, ていさい, ちんれつ, 振るう, てんじ, しゅってん, 閃かす, 飾りつける, 効かせる, かざりつける, 揮う, 飾り付ける, ふるう, ひらめかす, 御覧に入れる, 掲揚, みえ, きかせる, こじ.

Javanese word for Display


Korean word for Display


Malay word for Display


Marathi word for Display


Norwegian word for Display


Polish words for Display

wyświetlanie, ekran, pokaz, prezentacja, ekspozycja, manifestacja, wyświetlacz, przejaw, wystawa.

Portuguese words for Display

exibição, visor, manifestação, exibir, apresentar, mostra, demonstrar, expor, ostentação.

Romanian word for Display


Russian words for Display

дисплей, экран, отображение, экспонат, табло.

Spanish words for Display

pantalla, visualización, indicador, mostrar, visualizar, exhibir, desplegar, demostrar, exponer, despliegue, revelar, abrir, mostrador, muestra, manifestar, lucir, ostentar, exhibición.

Tamil word for Display


Turkish word for Display


Ukrainian word for Display


Vietnamese word for Display

sự trưng bày.