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How To Spell dissipation?

Correct spelling: dissipation

What are the misspellings for dissipation ?

  • dissaplin,
  • disanation,
  • desciprtion,
  • dispurtion,
  • pertisapation,
  • kidspiration,
  • dissision,
  • disvision,
  • despartion,
  • discipeship,
  • dissipaiting,
  • dissission,
  • distripution,
  • disortion,
  • discipsion,
  • partispation,
  • despiction,
  • disription,
  • disishion,
  • decepation,
  • dinspiration,
  • dissapating,
  • dissition,
  • disctiption,
  • disition,
  • dissatation,
  • dissipearing,
  • sissipation,
  • aticipation,
  • disscission,
  • disipation,
  • desciption,
  • dissilusion,
  • disseratation,
  • disbution,
  • dispationate,
  • desription,
  • dissetation,
  • dessciption,
  • disseration,
  • diception,
  • disception,
  • destiation,
  • desrpition,
  • disrption,
  • susspition,
  • dessiccation,
  • dessition,
  • stipuation,
  • fissipation,
  • dissitation,
  • deciption,
  • disipating,
  • disciption,
  • dessication,
  • descirption,
  • biosorption,
  • disicision,
  • dispotion,
  • disosition,
  • disarpution,
  • disivision,
  • disistion,
  • disitation,
  • dispertion,
  • dessperation,
  • susspision,
  • disintion,
  • rissipation,
  • deceiption,
  • disociation,
  • dissruption,
  • descipion,
  • patisapation,
  • dispsition,
  • diseption,
  • desimation,
  • decrsiption,
  • disparition,
  • desiption,
  • cissipation,
  • disspassion,
  • dispution,
  • discintion,
  • dispoition,
  • disurption,
  • descpition,
  • disscution,
  • disrciption,
  • dissipations,
  • pertispation,
  • tessilation,
  • xissipation,
  • eissipation,
  • disstion,
  • dissapation,
  • disapation,
  • discition,
  • dussipation,
  • descption.

What is the definition of dissipation?

  1. breaking up and scattering by dispersion; "the dissipation of the mist"

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What are the quotes for dissipation?

  1. The mind is but too naturally prone to pleasure, but too easily yielded to dissipation.
  2. Self -sacrifice which denies common sense is not a virtue. It's a spiritual dissipation.
  3. I believe in work, hard work, and long hours of work. Men do not breakdown from overwork, but from worry and dissipation.
  4. Men do not die from overwork. They die from dissipation and worry.
  5. They had both noticed that a life of dissipation sometimes gave to a face the look of gaunt suffering spirituality that a life of asceticism was supposed to give and quite often did not.

What are the rhymes for dissipation?

  1. elation, generation, degradation, civilization, affiliation, configuration, westernization, appreciation, provocation, discrimination, exaggeration, germination, hybridization, evocation, revaluation, organisation, radiation, decoration, cremation, illumination, argumentation, ventilation, preparation, annotation, reorganization, flotation, commendation, naturalization, contemplation, occupation, infiltration, destination, disqualification, reverberation, consolidation, colonization, estimation, overpopulation, conservation, affrication, documentation, commercialization, glorification, constipation, reconciliation, fertilization, exploitation, cohabitation, exfoliation, approximation, misapplication, criminalization, mitigation, dramatization, adaptation, contamination, strangulation, instigation, proliferation, reservation, fascination, equalization, modernization, complication, invalidation, origination, devaluation, imputation, deforestation, transformation, consideration, hallucination, telecommunication, allocation, defamation, molestation, validation, modification, litigation, formation, exhalation, declaration, deification, adoration, hospitalization, profanation, tabulation, allegation, desalinization, laceration, sequestration, gyration, excavation, menstruation, demarcation, utilization, convocation, starvation, amalgamation, exoneration, ostentation, depopulation, misidentification, subordination, congratulation, interrogation, representation, conciliation, duplication, identification, dispensation, granulation, vindication, elongation, democratization, perforation, frustration, christianization, commemoration, ossification, sarmatian, combination, appellation, trepidation, continuation, mediation, mobilization, observation, vocation, meditation, gestation, lubrication, disorientation, croatian, desperation, pagination, pacification, location, regeneration, appropriation, exhortation, perpetuation, adjudication, mechanization, conglomeration, immigration, visitation, deflation, ejaculation, celebration, elevation, delegation, regulation, ovation, vegetation, authorization, stipulation, deregulation, explanation, insulation, rationalization, standardization, emancipation, indignation, condensation, rededication, exacerbation, cogitation, legalization, infestation, substantiation, reaffirmation, replication, premeditation, damnation, saponification, gratification, dilatation, procreation, hydration, revitalization, humiliation, demonstration, disintegration, socialization, operation, rectification, magnification, gentrification, nucleation, notation, destabilization, evacuation, temptation, elaboration, application, intimation, summation, securitization, reformation, escalation, salvation, confederation, determination, liquidation, sedimentation, emigration, implantation, aspiration, federation, generalization, instrumentation, inflammation, inauguration, verification, permutation, corroboration, decentralization, intonation, collectivization, participation, ionization, inflation, optation, differentiation, disembarkation, oration, denunciation, emulation, misrepresentation, renegotiation, optimization, segmentation, stimulation, sophistication, extermination, consternation, fibrillation, incantation, reauthorization, remediation, formulation, dissemination, distillation, renovation, liberation, vacillation, disorganization, education, communication, relocation, exploration, bifurcation, pollination, depreciation, politicization, affirmation, mineralization, undervaluation, intoxication, fabrication, libration, simulation, obfuscation, segregation, malformation, presentation, dissociation, industrialization, eradication, discontinuation, consecration, duration, orchestration, violation, multiplication, visualization, agglomeration, dalmatian, donation, navigation, reaffiliation, palpitation, imitation, information, nonproliferation, incrustation, deliberation, triangulation, resuscitation, association, mummification, articulation, foundation, indentation, tribulation, ornamentation, prognostication, perturbation, initiation, valuation, incarnation, deviation, russification, vacation, prefabrication, innovation, animation, reunification, incoordination, nomination, registration, oxidation, consultation, expropriation, specification, depredation, remuneration, recreation, gravitation, inactivation, nitration, centralization, inhabitation, integration, emanation, infatuation, privatization, confrontation, annihilation, insemination, extrapolation, limitation, globalization, intensification, urbanization, connotation, expectation, graduation, recalculation, fragmentation, amplification, reevaluation, irradiation, equitation, capitulation, demodulation, protestation, inundation, recitation, recantation, elimination, misinterpretation, evaluation, dedication, indemnification, reparation, reiteration, degeneration, pasteurization, denationalization, hydrogenation, misappropriation, vaccination, appalachian, qualification, demonization, miscalculation, communization, probation, adulation, hesitation, normalization, vilification, demoralization, revelation, syndication, punctuation, quantification, impregnation, amelioration, stagflation, confirmation, corporation, equivocation, implementation, rumination, delineation, translation, ovulation, fermentation, masturbation, conflagration, deformation, irrigation, procrastination, indoctrination, relation, rejuvenation, pigmentation, congregation, certification, rehydration, recertification, hibernation, inoculation, neutralization, inclination, corp, expatriation, dilation, ligation, desiccation, privation, reconfirmation, installation, accumulation, deportation, transplantation, desolation, ramification, fortification, situation, moderation, isolation, collaboration, desegregation, miscreation, obligation, realization, immunization, filtration, ordination, justification, avocation, enumeration, balkanization, reflation, motivation, saturation, agitation, medication, embarkation, retardation, stalinization, personalization, facilitation, sedation, sanctification, separation, nondiscrimination, amputation, explication, importation, culmination, depravation, authentication, evaporation, cultivation, migration, stabilization, proclamation, divination, pronunciation, electrification, imagination, dislocation, discoloration, legislation, aggravation, compensation, repatriation, quotation, overvaluation, denomination, incarceration, prostration, nullification, decertification, decontamination, computerization, stagnation, calibration, backwardation, manifestation, restoration, irritation, fixation, reinterpretation, ratification, detonation, coagulation, glaciation, incorporation, popularization, reforestation, miscommunication, assassination, hyperinflation, arbitration, subsidization, investigation, oscillation, preoccupation, renunciation, harmonization, liberalization, augmentation, magnetization, reallocation, recuperation, disinflation, rotation, misinformation, solicitation, edification, crustacean, repudiation, disputation, pressurization, usurpation, recrimination, reputation, marginalization, publication, reclassification, exasperation, refutation, refrigeration, sensation, inhalation, manipulation, speculation, domination, vulgarization, ministration, indexation, clarification, altercation, alienation, resignation, personification, respiration, fumigation, desalination, reconsideration, codification, incapacitation, deceleration, incrimination, orientation, perspiration, condemnation, pontification, renomination, nationalization, cancellation, illustration, affectation, diversification, concentration, approbation, insubordination, transportation, machination, negotiation, detoxification, aviation, correlation, fluoridation, retaliation, reinvigoration, expiration, regimentation, derivation, narration, confiscation, propagation, miseration, classification, reconfiguration, rehabilitation, insinuation, negation, alteration, coordination, gastrulation, dehumanization, inspiration, excitation, predestination, interpretation, maximization, anticipation, subluxation, dehydration, consolation, maturation, conversation, horatian, mutilation, characterization, devastation, localization, experimentation, vaporization, self-congratulation, fluctuation, decapitation, population, taxation, gasification, disinclination, suburbanization, jubilation, impersonation, invitation, plantation, designation, concatenation, demobilization, specialization, advocation, dissertation, dictation, exhumation, monopolization, excommunication, foliation, transillumination, echolocation, amortization, compilation, disinformation, reexamination, unionization, coloration, titillation, implication, toleration, confabulation, creation, assimilation, falsification, automation, habitation, calculation, domestication, constellation, victimization, redecoration, modulation, polarization, intimidation, mutation, suffocation, reincarnation, notification, vibration, sanitation, privatisation, precipitation, indication, desecration, alleviation, cooperation, exclamation, levitation, coronation, consummation, revocation, incubation, relaxation, computation, simplification, sterilization, miniaturization, organization, termination, lactation, admiration, variation, conjugation, preservation, proration, flirtation, recommendation, exhilaration, categorization, figuration, unification, deprivation, examination, gradation, purification, annexation, reclamation, improvisation, invocation;
  2. nation, station, ration, haitian;
  3. cetacean, castration, cessation, alsatian, causation, citation, carnation;
  4. abrogation, aberration, acclimation, accusation, activation, abdication;
  5. abomination, abbreviation, acceleration, accommodation, accreditation;
  6. alphabetization, cannibalization, capitalization, acidification;
  7. decriminalization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization, americanization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

What are the translations for dissipation?

Afrikaans word for Dissipation


Bengali word for Dissipation


Chinese word for Dissipation


German words for Dissipation

durchbringen, Ausschweifung, Verschwendung, Vergeudung, verprassen, Zerstreuung, Dissipation, Vertreibung, Zersplitterung, Verlustleistung, Ausschweifungen, Verschleuderung, Zerteilung, zügelloses Leben.

Hindi word for Dissipation


Italian word for Dissipation


Japanese words for Dissipation

散逸, 消散, 消耗, 耽溺, 不品行, たんでき, 酒色, しょうもう, 蕩尽, 酖溺, らんぎょう, さんいつ, ふひんこう, 散佚, 乱行, 淫蕩, いんとう, どうらく, しゅしょく, 道楽, ほうとう.

Korean word for Dissipation


Malay word for Dissipation


Norwegian words for Dissipation

avledning, ødsling.

Polish word for Dissipation


Romanian word for Dissipation


Russian words for Dissipation

дробление, рассеиваемая.

Turkish word for Dissipation


Ukrainian word for Dissipation