How To Spell distant?

Correct spelling: distant

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What is the definition of distant?

  1. far distant in space; "distant lands"; "remote stars"; "a remote outpost of civilization"; "a hideaway far removed from towns and cities"

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What are the rhymes for distant?

  1. existent, assistant, consistent, persistent, resistant, insistent;
  2. self-consistent, inconsistent, nonexistent;

What are the translations for distant?

Arabic word for Distant


Bengali word for Distant

দূরত্ব শিক্ষণ.

Chinese words for Distant

远, 遥, 遥远的, 远远, 路途遥远, 遥遥, 隐隐绰绰, 隐隐约约, 邈然, 悠远, 疏淡, 辽远, 在远处的.

French words for Distant

distant, verre.

German word for Distant


Greek word for Distant


Japanese words for Distant

遠く, 遠い, はるか, 遥か, 遠, 遠め, とおく, とお, とおい, とおめ, 疎い, うとい, 遙か, 離れた.

Javanese word for Distant

Jarak pengajaran.

Korean word for Distant


Malay word for Distant

Pengajaran jarak jauh.

Norwegian word for Distant


Romanian words for Distant

Distanțe, îndepărtat.

Russian words for Distant

дальний, давний, дистанцированный.

Spanish word for Distant


Swedish word for Distant


Tamil word for Distant

தொலைதூர போதனை.

Turkish word for Distant

Uzaktan öğretim.

Ukrainian word for Distant


Vietnamese word for Distant