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How To Spell distillation?

Correct spelling: distillation

Definition of distillation:

  1. The act of falling in drops, or the act of pouring out in drops.

List of misspellings for distillation:

  • distination,
  • dist9llation,
  • distkllation,
  • distnation,
  • dkstillation,
  • distration,
  • nstallation,
  • disgillation,
  • distiction,
  • distilla6ion,
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  • deescilation.

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Asbach Uralt is a German brandy produced by the company Asbach GmbH, a subsidiary of Underberg AG, which also makes other spirits and chocolate. Its history dates back to 1892 when Hugo Asbach founded the company in the town of Rüdesheim am Rhein.



Gammalstorp is a minor community in Sölvesborg municipality, Blekinge, Sweden. Between 1863 and 1970, Gammalstorp was a municipality. In contrast to other municipalities of the time, Gammalstorp did not have a particular administrative centre. Instead, the functions were divided between the villages of Norje and Gammalstorp.

McCranie's Turpentine Still


McCranie's Turpentine Still is a historic site in Willacoochee, Georgia. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 28, 1976. It is located west of Willacoochee on U.S. 82.

Oban distillery



Oban distillery is a whisky distillery in the Scottish west coast port of Oban. Established in 1794, it was built before the town of the same name, which sprung up later in the surrounding craggy harbour. Oban distillery is owned by Diageo.

Port Charlotte, Islay


Village in Islay, Scotland

Port Charlotte is a village on the island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides, Scotland. It was founded in 1828. Port Charlotte was named after Lord Frederick Campbell's wife, and it was set up mainly to provide housing facilities for the Lochindaal Distillery work force.

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Quotes for distillation:

  1. History, a distillation of rumour.
  2. You're meant to be playing the distillation of evil, which can be anything.
  3. The use of the term art medium is, to say the least, misleading, for it is the artist that creates a work of art not the medium. It is the artist in photography that gives form to content by a distillation of ideas, thought, experience, insight and understanding.

Rhymes for distillation:

  1. duplication, decoration, deforestation, investigation, dictation, initiation, renunciation, information, lubrication, concatenation, dilation, gasification, flirtation, reclamation, inclination, incoordination, ejaculation, prostration, repatriation, elongation, disinclination, motivation, eradication, reiteration, decentralization, preparation, reclassification, contemplation, expiration, equalization, articulation, association, explication, pronunciation, hydrogenation, urbanization, emigration, determination, proliferation, participation, defamation, disinflation, indoctrination, demarcation, aggravation, dalmatian, allocation, predestination, federation, dramatization, purification, propagation, reorganization, solicitation, renegotiation, appropriation, neutralization, domination, telecommunication, fragmentation, ostentation, assimilation, modification, indemnification, normalization, duration, assassination, machination, nondiscrimination, disputation, revitalization, calculation, popularization, relaxation, hydration, reincarnation, filtration, relation, dissipation, donation, misrepresentation, oration, allegation, depopulation, misidentification, denationalization, depravation, cogitation, celebration, vibration, maximization, equitation, punctuation, gravitation, automation, perspiration, exclamation, transformation, indexation, decontamination, indication, reinvigoration, complication, contamination, hallucination, edification, reaffirmation, animation, education, premeditation, procrastination, hospitalization, clarification, fortification, diversification, demonstration, fermentation, location, prefabrication, magnification, separation, visualization, advocation, conglomeration, ornamentation, augmentation, overvaluation, mediation, degeneration, proclamation, miscreation, titillation, personalization, evocation, interrogation, magnetization, variation, fluctuation, harmonization, notification, evaporation, devaluation, examination, continuation, nationalization, permutation, sarmatian, certification, foundation, vaccination, insubordination, vaporization, intensification, pasteurization, explanation, unionization, collectivization, avocation, pontification, rehabilitation, documentation, perpetuation, admiration, speculation, imputation, recrimination, disorganization, deformation, coordination, verification, cancellation, desegregation, laceration, remediation, publication, disembarkation, delegation, fluoridation, habitation, accumulation, constipation, mutilation, degradation, reconsideration, collaboration, renomination, deportation, multiplication, recantation, nullification, recertification, intimidation, depreciation, evaluation, implication, rationalization, coagulation, mechanization, formation, visitation, oxidation, reconciliation, escalation, appreciation, impersonation, commercialization, ratification, corp, meditation, misappropriation, revelation, simplification, arbitration, quantification, perturbation, generation, misapplication, rehydration, renovation, excitation, implantation, fascination, legalization, stalinization, differentiation, concentration, demobilization, agglomeration, recreation, incrustation, prognostication, menstruation, regeneration, destination, installation, overpopulation, adulation, origination, procreation, invocation, inactivation, jubilation, rumination, foliation, respiration, sanitation, integration, reputation, optimization, emancipation, stabilization, transplantation, falsification, simulation, intoxication, innovation, exhumation, pacification, enumeration, moderation, suffocation, alteration, insemination, sedimentation, tribulation, reevaluation, sterilization, conjugation, capitulation, dispensation, facilitation, reconfirmation, exploration, plantation, bifurcation, misinformation, perforation, aviation, croatian, restoration, inhalation, declaration, convocation, stipulation, trepidation, excavation, confirmation, appellation, congratulation, domestication, centralization, amplification, inhabitation, refutation, summation, negotiation, condensation, adjudication, desalinization, consecration, privatization, reforestation, retaliation, deceleration, realization, coronation, vocation, liquidation, consummation, observation, hyperinflation, sensation, revocation, radiation, sanctification, demoralization, detonation, vilification, infatuation, deprivation, authorization, conciliation, humiliation, salvation, organisation, recitation, desiccation, ligation, identification, mutation, gastrulation, gyration, westernization, insulation, decapitation, retardation, dissertation, starvation, adoration, confrontation, combination, annotation, irritation, expropriation, approbation, calibration, ministration, cohabitation, classification, precipitation, reformation, backwardation, palpitation, instrumentation, aspiration, vegetation, illustration, exoneration, gradation, criminalization, confabulation, recuperation, approximation, repudiation, sequestration, libration, preservation, congregation, malformation, exasperation, orchestration, alleviation, deflation, navigation, reallocation, annexation, tabulation, narration, glaciation, termination, manipulation, desolation, revaluation, damnation, protestation, miscalculation, polarization, demonization, exhalation, globalization, translation, resuscitation, isolation, strangulation, cooperation, immigration, balkanization, implementation, rectification, limitation, justification, adaptation, elimination, fixation, constellation, miscommunication, intonation, disintegration, discoloration, masturbation, reflation, localization, utilization, corroboration, privation, disqualification, industrialization, elation, emulation, democratization, unification, saponification, discontinuation, infiltration, conversation, christianization, nonproliferation, compilation, segregation, exploitation, desperation, legislation, connotation, ossification, vacillation, consolation, pigmentation, segmentation, confiscation, dissemination, culmination, reaffiliation, litigation, personification, orientation, reconfiguration, obfuscation, ramification, temptation, transportation, amputation, validation, condemnation, flotation, sophistication, ordination, instigation, valuation, categorization, privatisation, preoccupation, hybridization, consolidation, emanation, cultivation, pollination, representation, affrication, provocation, victimization, mobilization, standardization, inoculation, reauthorization, stagnation, computerization, fibrillation, importation, destabilization, subluxation, imagination, monopolization, incorporation, incubation, self-congratulation, elaboration, elevation, exacerbation, authentication, decertification, regulation, recalculation, confederation, communization, designation, cremation, specialization, sedation, reparation, nomination, suburbanization, appalachian, desalination, dissociation, miseration, creation, delineation, inundation, correlation, deviation, qualification, civilization, figuration, infestation, inspiration, compensation, subordination, optation, regimentation, indentation, maturation, nucleation, proration, formulation, reunification, situation, exhortation, lactation, dehumanization, frustration, computation, desecration, negation, electrification, marginalization, generalization, horatian, modernization, hesitation, vacation, deregulation, dedication, liberation, population, ovulation, excommunication, crustacean, medication, incarnation, politicization, affirmation, interpretation, granulation, gestation, inflammation, pagination, extermination, operation, expatriation, consternation, extrapolation, levitation, exhilaration, immunization, characterization, evacuation, demodulation, specification, consideration, affectation, amelioration, detoxification, impregnation, expectation, indignation, usurpation, echolocation, occupation, securitization, ventilation, undervaluation, conflagration, remuneration, fertilization, inauguration, subsidization, recommendation, dilatation, notation, reexamination, mitigation, estimation, rededication, alienation, registration, relocation, insinuation, vindication, agitation, application, configuration, obligation, discrimination, invitation, refrigeration, stimulation, codification, invalidation, reinterpretation, mineralization, oscillation, incrimination, consultation, misinterpretation, transillumination, gratification, organization, dislocation, derivation, triangulation, experimentation, stagflation, deliberation, devastation, rejuvenation, commemoration, resignation, manifestation, saturation, germination, toleration, vulgarization, irradiation, anticipation, reverberation, probation, miniaturization, presentation, improvisation, incapacitation, incantation, ovation, reservation, substantiation, exaggeration, fumigation, colonization, imitation, nitration, modulation, intimation, pressurization, graduation, deification, denomination, annihilation, mummification, naturalization, disinformation, russification, migration, violation, taxation, profanation, ionization, quotation, equivocation, dehydration, denunciation, commendation, fabrication, altercation, glorification, redecoration, inflation, replication, communication, coloration, exfoliation, affiliation, irrigation, disorientation, molestation, syndication, hibernation, liberalization, depredation, divination, rotation, incarceration, embarkation, illumination, amortization, conservation, amalgamation, corporation, argumentation, gentrification, socialization;
  2. nation, ration, station, haitian;
  3. alsatian, cetacean, carnation, citation, causation, cessation, castration;
  4. abdication, aberration, activation, accusation, abrogation, acclimation;
  5. abomination, accreditation, accommodation, acceleration, abbreviation;
  6. alphabetization, capitalization, cannibalization, acidification;
  7. decriminalization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination, americanization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for distillation:

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Turkish word for Distillation

damıtılmış sıvı.

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Vietnamese word for Distillation

chưng cất.