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How To Spell distinction?

Correct spelling: distinction

Definition of distinction:

  1. a discrimination between things as different and distinct; "it is necessary to make a distinction between love and infatuation"

List of misspellings for distinction:

  • distinctinly,
  • distingusihing,
  • destinasion,
  • distiguishing,
  • disctinctions,
  • distinggwising,
  • distinktive,
  • didticntion,
  • destinstion,
  • distingtion,
  • dinstinction,
  • desstination,
  • distinquishable,
  • distincion,
  • destinction,
  • distuction,
  • disatification,
  • distingquising,
  • disctruction,
  • distyention,
  • disinction,
  • districation,
  • disntigration,
  • dissatification,
  • destication,
  • disctinction,
  • districution,
  • distibguish,
  • distrucktion,
  • disctraction,
  • distguishing,
  • desturction,
  • distriction,
  • distigtion,
  • distinciton,
  • distintion,
  • satistaction,
  • distaction,
  • deistination,
  • distinictions,
  • desitination,
  • distanation,
  • distingusishing,
  • distinqicsh,
  • dissatifaction,
  • disatifaction,
  • dystfunction,
  • distibguishing,
  • distiniction,
  • disitinctive,
  • destintion,
  • disturction,
  • dstination,
  • distincition,
  • distrinctions,
  • distinquesh,
  • destaination,
  • distarction,
  • destinctions,
  • disticntion,
  • duristriction,
  • duristiction,
  • distinctiion,
  • distrection,
  • destintation,
  • distunguishing,
  • distrcution,
  • dinstinctions,
  • distratction,
  • dissastifaction,
  • disttinction,
  • deastination,
  • distination,
  • distinugish,
  • destinashon,
  • destiction,
  • destinantion,
  • distribuction,
  • distenation,
  • residenctial,
  • distroction,
  • postconcussion,
  • distnation,
  • disstraction,
  • distrction,
  • distinasion,
  • discinction,
  • distiction,
  • distendtion,
  • destuction,
  • durisdiction,
  • distinktion,
  • distrinction,
  • distenctions,
  • disstruction,
  • distentyion,
  • distinquishing,
  • distinquish,
  • disfunction,
  • discoonection.

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Rhymes for distinction:

  1. extinction;

Translations for distinction:

Afrikaans word for Distinction


Bengali word for Distinction


Chinese words for Distinction

分异, 殊荣, 分别, 分野, 差别.

Dutch words for Distinction

kenmerk, onderscheiding, aanzien, verschil, onderscheid, uitmuntendheid, voornaamheid, ereteken, vooraanstaandheid.

French word for Distinction


German words for Distinction

Bedeutung, Auszeichnung, Unterscheidung, Unterschied, Abgrenzung, Ruf, Differenzierung, Unterschiedlichkeit, Prädikat, Ehrung, Unterscheidungsmerkmal, charakteristisches Merkmal, besonderes Merkmal, hoher Rang, Andersartigkeit.

Italian word for Distinction


Japanese words for Distinction

区別, 特徴, くべつ, へだて, 見分け, 區別, 隔て, みわけ.

Javanese word for Distinction


Malay word for Distinction


Norwegian word for Distinction


Polish words for Distinction

rozróżnienie, odznaczenie, rozgraniczenie.

Romanian word for Distinction


Swedish word for Distinction


Tamil word for Distinction


Ukrainian word for Distinction


Vietnamese word for Distinction

sự phân biệt.