How To Spell distress?

Correct spelling: distress

What is the definition of distress?

  1. cause mental pain to

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What are the rhymes for distress?

  1. gess, guess, guests, bless, wes, chess, fess, dress, tess, hess, mess, ques, tress, ess, press, ress, cress, fests, es, nes, bess, jess, hesse, crests, pless, stress, ches, ness, esse, gless, vess, les, yes, kess, less, abs, s;
  2. invests, infests, transgress, profess, ls, excess, vs, compress, regress, attests, unless, success, requests, express, ts, depress, assess, retests, suppress, oppress, suggests, fs, undress, progress, recess, digests, ellesse, confess, address, noblesse, obsess, divests, finesse, egress, repress, aggress, digress, contests, etess, fluoresce, caress, redress, molests, impress, largesse, protests, possess;
  3. coalesce, cus, ers, pos, ccs, acquiesce, las, lcs, reinvests, cps, reassess, nonetheless, uys, uss, oas, ins, repossess, dispossess, convalesce, dss;
  4. cmos, hces, tcas, ws, stds, abts, nevertheless, adss;

What are the translations for distress?

Arabic word for Distress


Chinese words for Distress

危难, 痛心, 受难, 瘼, 苦处, distraughtly.

Dutch words for Distress

gevaar, verdriet, nood, leed, onrust.

French words for Distress

bouleverser, tourmenter, souffrance, angoisse.

German words for Distress

Sorge, Not, leiden, Notlage, Angst, Leid, Seenot, Elend, betrüben, quälen, Kummer, Verzweiflung, Schmerz, Disstress, Bedrängnis, Notfall, Drangsal, Trübsal, Bekümmerung, Bestürzung, Misere, Notstand, Betrübnis, Luftnot, ängstigen, peinigen, Kummer machen, Kummer bereiten, Sorge bereiten, bekümmern, Dolor.

Italian word for Distress


Japanese words for Distress

悩み, 苦難, 困難, 苦渋, 窮状, こんきゅう, 困阨, 塗炭, こんなん, きゅうじょう, ゆうかん, 憂き目, 塗炭の苦しみ, とたん, くちゅう, きゅうはく, 詰まり, 苦衷, 危難, くなん, 窮迫.

Korean word for Distress


Polish words for Distress

niepokój, nieszczęście, stres, cierpienie, niedola.

Portuguese words for Distress

dor, angústia, sofrimento, dificuldades, instabilidade, desespero, desconforto, miséria, distúrbio.

Romanian word for Distress


Russian words for Distress

бедствие, расстройство, бедственное состояние.

Spanish words for Distress

malestar, sufrimiento, angustia, peligro, miseria, angustiar, tristeza, dificultades, enfadar, agonía, problemas, ansiedad, desamparo, congoja, penuria, desgracia, envejecer, afligir.