How To Spell divine?

Correct spelling: divine

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What does the abbreviation divine mean?


divine, heavenly
Divine as a girl's name is a variant of Divina (Latin, Italian), and the meaning of Divine is "divine, heavenly".
  • Devin,
  • Davina,
  • Davine,
  • Daviane,
  • Devina,
  • Divinia,
  • Devinee,
  • Devinne.

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What are the rhymes for divine?

  1. jain, sine, mine, shrine, tine, stine, line, cline, rhine, twine, spline, thein, swine, trine, zine, quine, tyne, huynh, gyn, dyne, klein, kline, ein, shine, rine, hein, wine, thine, hine, sign, whine, pyne, heine, pine, fein, stein, vine, spine, strine, brine, dine, rhein, lyne, nine, fine;
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  3. redesign, reassign, recombine, realign, redefine, disincline, intertwine, leontine;

What are the translations for divine?

Afrikaans word for Divine


Arabic word for Divine


Bengali word for Divine


Chinese words for Divine

神圣的, 神的.

Dutch words for Divine

goddelijk, hemels, verrukkelijk, bovenaards, door God verleend, aan God gewijd, van een godheid.

French word for Divine


German words for Divine

fantastisch, göttlich, traumhaft, heilig, himmlisch.

Greek word for Divine


Hindi word for Divine


Japanese words for Divine

神々しい, 天の, 天来, おおん, はんずる, さんをおく, 占う, 易を見る, あまの, 占い当てる, おおむ, 算を置く, えきをみる, あめの, おおみ, 大御, うらないあてる, 神の.

Javanese word for Divine


Korean word for Divine


Marathi word for Divine


Norwegian word for Divine


Polish word for Divine


Russian words for Divine

божественный, божий, святой, божественная.

Spanish word for Divine


Swedish word for Divine


Turkish word for Divine


Ukrainian word for Divine


Vietnamese word for Divine

Thiên Chúa.