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Correct spelling: dog

Definition of dog:

  1. In composition, male; degenerate. To give or throw to the dogs, to throw away. To go to the dogs, to go to ruin.
  2. A well- known domestic animal of the genus canis; a term of contempt given to a man; one or two constellations in the southern hemisphere; aliandiron; an iron book or bar with a sharp fang, used by sawyers to fasten a log of timber in a saw- pit.
  3. To follow as a dog; to follow close and constantly; to worry with importunity.

Common misspellings for dog:

dacao, dachi, daige, dage, da-ca, dagio, dige, dequacy, dduce, dachexia, ddax.


bullock, alpha male, Billy Goat, species, follow around, pooch, informant, hag, buck, bull, Fido, stool pigeon, informer, ugly duckling, Jekyll And Hyde, bigmouth, dross, boar. sneak. boy, parody, mixture, dag, grotesque, rover, canine, snitch. original, individual, type. grass, reject, shadow, product. trash, stick to, variety. character. sight. stick to. tag, go after, give chase. cur. bird dog. pup. detent, dag, joker, hot dog, parody, cad, rover, cut through, mongrel, trash, frankfurter, plague, frump, reproach, inhibit, mouse click, deride, crumb, furrow, criticize, buck, andiron, mixture, yob, trouble, drop behind, burden, pup, so-and-so, cur, hound dog, Fido, dross, individual, bull, sight, ugly duckling, informer, denigrate, get over, chump, crud, go after, snitch, cut, hotdog, bugger, drag, dock, blackguard, cutlet, disadvantage, boor, remonstrate, pooch, variety, pass over, clink, pawl, nerd, brisket, lout, stray, scum, Billy Goat, frank, canine, tag, grass, cover, bigmouth, label, get behind, loudmouth, Canis Familiaris, hang back, species, product, get across, rebuke, wienerwurst, clown, nark, cretin, buzzard, chuck, creep, slob, throttle, cut across, horror, train, grotesque, hag, blame, vermin, click, bob, reject, bird dog, fink, leaper, beast, dogiron, domestic dog, heel, sneak, beefsteak, suction stop, louse, boy, character, informant, precede, embarrass, minger, rubbish, cross, poverty, chamfer, know-all, chase after, traverse, shack, bullock, boar, dog-iron, original, mark, troll, whelp, reprimand, quest after, type, wiener, difficulty, bounder, quest for, shadow, firedog, cockerel, chop, give chase. cur, put down, pup, deride, mongrel, stray, remonstrate, reproach, whelp, rebuke, reprimand, criticize, denigrate, blame. Billy Goat, bullock, bull, boy, buck, cockerel, boar, alpha male. know-all, difficulty, public enemy number one, poverty, loudmouth, public nuisance, horror, yob, trouble. burden, shadow, hold back, plague, bird dog, inhibit, embarrass, disadvantage, bring up against, throttle, precede, count against, let down. chop, beefsteak, corn dog, chump, chuck, cut, brisket, chuck steak, cutlet. grass, snitch, sneak, informer, nark, stool pigeon, informant, bigmouth. rover, Fido. Jekyll And Hyde, character, variety, original, mixture, product, individual, type, species. parody, trash, reject, rubbish, dross. dag, troll, sight, hag, nerd, ugly duckling, grotesque, minger. stick to, follow around. firedog. Canis Familiaris, domestic dog. hound, pooch, pup, stray, Fido, cur, mongrel. blackguard, go after, French poodle, beagle, heel, cairn terrier, pointer, schnauzer, hound, Aberdeen terrier, frump, basset hound, bulldog, afghan, detent, tail, retriever, English Setter, foxhound, golden retriever, chihuahua, bull terrier, pekinese, boxer, bloodhound, chase, chow, borzoi, track, poodle, toy poodle, whippet, cad, cocker spaniel, domestic dog, collie, pomeranian, sheep dog, setter, Canis Familiaris, dalmatian, welsh terrier, Doberman Pinscher, greyhound, chase after, firedog, andiron, pug, boarhound, terrier, dachshund, samoyed, Irish Setter, spitz, Labrador Retriever, dogiron, pawl, airedale, trail, griffon, Irish Wolfhound, wolfhound, scotch terrier, Great Dane, bounder, Siberian wolfhound, dingo, click, mastiff, Yorkshire Terrier, spaniel, tag, German Shepherd, husky. arctic fox, rat, ermine, cavy, ferret, antelope, marmot, bison, lemming, mink, rhinoceros, bear, buffalo, hippopotamus, squirrel, stag, cougar, platypus, otter, bobcat, donkey, ox, cow, hedgehog, possum, opossum, coyote, mongoose, cat, cheetah, pig, moose, gnu, Lynx, horse, elk, deer, hare, chinchilla, lion, echidna, sheep, kangaroo, dromedary, hog, mole, reindeer, chipmunk, sloth, ibex, giraffe, weasel, beaver, gopher, raccoon, panther, jaguar, burro, polecat, shrew, yak, hamster, stoat, wallaby, leopard, rabbit, fox, camelopard, swine, skunk, tiger, gazelle, porcupine, jackal, puma, llama, koala, panda, wolf, mule, zebra, camel, elephant, wombat, sable, mouse, goat, caribou, hyena, alpaca, ocelot. pooch. pup. plague, track, tail, shadow, tag, trail, pursue, trouble. follow, quest, intend, tail, stalk, aspire, harry, strive, search, trail, chase, undertake, aim, endeavor, seek, sleuth, hunt, pursue, track.

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Examples of usage for dog:

  1. Listen- you think I'm such an idle dog – The Case of Richard Meynell by Mrs. Humphrey Ward
  2. What means this, O son of a dog – The Valley of the Kings by Marmaduke Pickthall
  3. But I suppose I do look an old sea- dog what? – The Motor Maid by Alice Muriel Williamson and Charles Norris Williamson

Rhymes for dog:

  1. cog, log;
  2. acog;