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Spell Check of doilies

Correct spelling: doilies


Common misspellings for doilies:

doillies, dollie, doilie.

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This graph shows how "doilies" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for doilies:

  1. There are rumors that the pretty and sensible fashion of doilies on the bare table is on the wane, but let us hope these are untrue, or, if not, that some of us may have the courage of our convictions and continue to adhere to a custom which has everything in its favor and nothing against it. "The Myrtle Reed Cook Book" , Myrtle Reed.
  2. The small doilies are easily washed, and fresh ones are possible every morning- an assured gain in the way of daintiness. "The Myrtle Reed Cook Book" , Myrtle Reed.
  3. Let us suppose that we have a handsome table- top, and an unlimited supply of doilies, tray- cloths and centrepieces. "The Myrtle Reed Cook Book" , Myrtle Reed.
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