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How To Spell doll?

Correct spelling: doll

Definition of doll:

  1. A child's baby toy.

List of misspellings for doll:

  • ttoally,
  • doallar,
  • dooly,
  • ou'll,
  • ludoly,
  • noll,
  • aoll,
  • yuo'll,
  • rolll,
  • toall,
  • tooll,
  • doylke,
  • dould,
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What does the abbreviation doll mean?


gift of God
Doll as a girl's name is a variant of Dorothy (Greek), and the meaning of Doll is "gift of God".

Related words for doll

Anton Doll


German painter

Anton Doll was born the son of a teacher in Munich on 3 March, 1826 was a German painter and was a member of the Munich Kunstverein.

Philadelphia Doll Museum


Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Philadelphia Doll Museum is located in Philadelphia at 2253 North Broad Street along the Avenue of the Arts. It is the only known museum in the United States that emphasizes the collection and preservation of black dolls as artifacts of history and culture.

Satin Doll


Studio album by Bobbi Humphrey

Satin Doll is the fourth studio album by American jazz flautist Bobbi Humphrey recorded in 1974 and released on the Blue Note label.

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll


Play by Ray Lawler

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll is an Australian play written by Ray Lawler and first performed at the Union Theatre in Melbourne, Australia, on 28 November 1955.

The Porcelain Doll


2005 film

The Porcelain Doll is a 2005 Hungarian drama film directed by Péter Gárdos. It was entered into the 27th Moscow International Film Festival.

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Quotes for doll:

  1. Little girls love dolls. They just don't love doll clothes. We've got four thousand dolls and ain't one of them got a stitch of clothes on.
  2. People give me things at shows -the Robot from Japan. What I would treasure the most is a little doll of the general from the movie -and if they don't make it, I'll make my own and bring it to shows and sign it.
  3. Barbie is just a doll.
  4. When I was 5, my mother threw a party, and a friend and I wrote and performed a play called The Dutch Doll.
  5. I met my wife and, for the next ten years, we did no films at all. She did the first movie and then I did several after. My first movie was written by Tennessee Williams and directed by Kazan and was called Baby Doll.

Rhymes for doll:

  1. caul, transvaal, goll, molle, sol, tal, holl, saal, loll, qual, voll, woll, deval, waal, bol, dol, moll, jamal, holle, scholl, natal, duvall, dahl, fall, pahl, talal, gopal, sahl, zoll, kahle, ryal, nidal, ahl, soll, pall, laval, wolle, kemal, gamal, coll;
  2. centrale, chagall, banal, casal, cabal, amal, bhopal;
  3. avenall, wiesenthal, reinstall;

Translations for doll:

Arabic word for Doll


Bengali word for Doll


Chinese words for Doll

娃, 娃娃, 玩偶, 公仔, 人形, 洋娃娃.

French words for Doll

poupée, marionnette, poupon, pantin, doudou, guignol.

German words for Doll

Puppe, Docke, Püppchen, Püppi, Zierpuppe, prima Kerl.

Greek word for Doll


Hindi word for Doll


Italian word for Doll


Javanese word for Doll


Korean word for Doll


Malay words for Doll

Pop, Anak patung.

Marathi word for Doll


Norwegian word for Doll


Polish word for Doll


Portuguese word for Doll


Romanian word for Doll


Russian words for Doll

кукла, кукольный, куколка.

Swedish word for Doll


Tamil word for Doll