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How To Spell don't?

Correct spelling: don't

List of misspellings for don't:

  • doessn't,
  • donts,
  • doorto,
  • ditnt,
  • donit,
  • doont,
  • donnot,
  • dosnet,
  • doiesnt,
  • dovet,
  • toinght,
  • cont,
  • devonte,
  • denita,
  • cudnt,
  • doesnt,
  • dont,
  • darnit,
  • doante,
  • ndnode,
  • didnt,
  • danate,
  • doeesn't,
  • dentel,
  • dosn't,
  • ddone,
  • dantea,
  • udon't,
  • con't,
  • tonght,
  • domt,
  • dosnt,
  • domunet,
  • twoenty,
  • dontate,
  • donr,
  • lont,
  • doinant,
  • didn'yt,
  • tont,
  • doind,
  • dfound,
  • donait,
  • tudent,
  • donn,
  • danty,
  • doctoe,
  • daon't,
  • idinity,
  • tinot,
  • dosen't,
  • donei,
  • dodnt,
  • disant,
  • downtwn,
  • dindt,
  • dicount,
  • dout,
  • dosnot,
  • doned,
  • docto,
  • dosntt,
  • dodwn,
  • goint,
  • dident,
  • downd,
  • didn'i,
  • domint,
  • doisnt,
  • donout,
  • dinete,
  • mont,
  • dontes,
  • identy,
  • downb,
  • dfon't,
  • didnot,
  • dowt,
  • dicont,
  • doinv,
  • tougnt,
  • doseint,
  • donater,
  • downtowm,
  • donl,
  • donot,
  • dpon't,
  • downof,
  • radint,
  • donig,
  • denter,
  • dongo,
  • doents,
  • donwt,
  • donro,
  • jonit,
  • codnt,
  • deinite,
  • downmy,
  • doens't.

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Quotes for don't:

  1. I don't approve of sunbathing, and it's bad for you.
  2. When Bound was released, Boys don't Cry wasn't out yet. Therefore it was very taboo to play a lesbian. I loved the part, because girls never get to play the typical guy parts.
  3. If anyone asks you what kind of music you play, tell him 'pop.' Don't tell him 'rock'n'roll' or they won't even let you in the hotel.
  4. I think the reason I don't read is because, when I'm reading, I feel like I'm missing out on something else. You know, What are my friends doing? Where's my girlfriend?
  5. So now my road map has changed and I don't have a really clear idea of what the next stops are.

Translations for don't:

French words for Don't

nu, non, needs a context.

German words for Don't

nie, unterlassen Sie.

Hindi word for Don't

ऐसा न करें.

Japanese word for Don't


Javanese word for Don't


Malay word for Don't


Marathi word for Don't

करू नका.

Norwegian word for Don't


Swedish word for Don't


Turkish word for Don't