How To Spell doubt?

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What are the usage examples for doubt?

  1. " You meant to do right, I have no doubt said Mrs. MacDonald.

What are the rhymes for doubt?

  1. grout, bout, scout, drought, rout, flout, clout, tout, gout, sprout, pout, kraut, trout, crout, stout, out, shout, strout, fout, snout, spout, lout, route;
  2. reroute, devout, redoubt, without, about, throughout, all-out;

What are the translations for doubt?

Afrikaans words for Doubt

onzekerheid, twyfel.

Arabic word for Doubt


Chinese words for Doubt

置疑, 疑点, 疑念.

Dutch words for Doubt

twijfel, twijfelen, betwijfelen, aan twijfelen, aarzelen, onzeker zijn, niet geloven.

French words for Doubt

contester, incertitude, doute, douter, ambiguïté, avoir des doutes, ne pas croire, ne pas penser.

German words for Doubt

bedenken, anzweifeln, Zweifel, zweifeln, bezweifeln, Zweifel hegen.

Greek word for Doubt


Italian word for Doubt


Japanese words for Doubt

疑い, 疑念, 疑義, 疑問点, 疑心, ダウト, 迷い, 疑, どうかとおもう, ぎぎ, どうかと思う, まよい, 紕い, 紕, 懐疑心, 懐疑, 訝しむ, 疑る, ぎもんてん, ぎわく, うたがう, いぶかしむ, うたぐる, ぎねん, かいぎしん.

Javanese word for Doubt


Korean word for Doubt


Malay word for Doubt


Norwegian word for Doubt


Polish words for Doubt

wątpliwość, zwątpienie.

Portuguese words for Doubt

duvidar, receio, dúvida, suspeita, desconfiança, indecisão.

Romanian word for Doubt


Spanish words for Doubt

dudar, duda, incertidumbre, incerteza.

Swedish word for Doubt


Tamil word for Doubt


Turkish word for Doubt


Ukrainian word for Doubt


Vietnamese word for Doubt

sự nghi ngờ.