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Correct spelling: doubt

Common misspellings for doubt:

dubte, doubht, dought, doubght, doudt, doult, dubt, doube, doubat, doupt, douwt, doubtly, doulbt, douet, doubth.


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This graph shows how "doubt" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for doubt:

  1. To doubt is to lack conviction. Incompleteness of evidence may compel one to doubt or some perverse bias of mind may incline him to. Distrust may express simply a lack of confidence; as, I distrust my own judgment; or it may be nearly equivalent to suspect; as, I distrusted that man from the start. Mistrust and suspect imply that one is almost assured of positive evil; one may distrust himself or others; he suspects others. Mistrust is now rarely, if ever, used of persons, but only of motives, intentions, etc. Distrust is always serious; mistrust is often used playfully. Compare SUPPOSE. Compare synonyms for DOUBT n. –  by
  2. There was not a doubt of it. –  by
  3. " You meant to do right, I have no doubt said Mrs. MacDonald. –  by

Rhymes for doubt:

  1. bout, clout, drought, flout, gout, grout, kraut, lout, out, pout, rout, route, scout, shout, snout, spout, sprout, stout, tout, trout, crout, strout, fout;
  2. about, all-out, devout, redoubt, throughout, without, reroute;