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How To Spell dove?

Correct spelling: dove

Definition of dove:

  1. any of numerous small pigeons

List of misspellings for dove:

  • jove,
  • itover,
  • ahve,
  • deive,
  • bove,
  • tofee,
  • yoiuve,
  • daover,
  • diven,
  • nove,
  • douce,
  • youve,
  • dfone,
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  • dorves,
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What does the abbreviation dove mean?


Dove as a girl's name. Bird name. The dove represents peace, God's covenant with Noah, and the Holy Spirit.

Related words for dove

Emerald-spotted wood dove


The emerald-spotted wood dove is a bird of the Columbidae family, resident across eastern and southern Africa. This is a species of open drier deciduous woodland and second growth. It is absent from evergreen rainforests and semidesert areas.

Frances Dove


Dame Jane Frances Dove, DBE, JP was an English women's campaigner, who founded Wycombe Abbey and other girls' schools. Born in Bordeaux, France the eldest of ten children of Revd.

Mabel Dove Danquah



Mabel Dove Danquah was a Gold Coast-born journalist, political activist and creative writer, one of the earliest women in West Africa to work in these fields.

Malagasy turtle dove


The Malagasy turtle dove is a bird species in the pigeon and dove family, Columbidae. It is found in British Indian Ocean Territory, Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Réunion, and Seychelles.

Pink-headed fruit dove



The pink-headed fruit dove, also known as pink-necked fruit dove or Temminck's fruit pigeon, is a small colourful dove. The pink-headed fruit dove is a resident breeding endemic bird in Indonesia where it occurs in the mountain forests of Sumatra, Java and Bali at altitudes of 1000–2200 m.

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Quotes for dove:

  1. The dove act? I'm still working on it. I don't think it's perfect yet. I got my first pair of doves when I was 14 years old. That was the beginning of the formation of that act. So it's been 24 years now that I've been working on it.
  2. Our cat is kind dove shellfish, and thinks the world is hers, She finds a comfy spot and then we pet turtle sheep purrs.
  3. It's the classic story form. All staying equal, or proving equal, or being equal, this will all continue, and the next time around, we'll move on to see what happened to Harry after he dove in the river, or who his friend John really was, and so on.
  4. The Dove, on silver pinions, winged her peaceful way.
  5. I quit my band in New York City in 1969 and I got really angry at them. I got angry at one of my guitar players and I dove over the drum set and we got into a fight.

Rhymes for dove:

  1. love, throve, jove, glove, shove, gov, clove, gove, drove, soave, of, rove, trove, stove, cove, hove, nov, strove, wove, grove;
  2. thereof, above, belove;

Translations for dove:

Arabic word for Dove


Bengali word for Dove


Chinese word for Dove


Dutch word for Dove


French words for Dove

due, colombe.

German words for Dove

Taube, Täubchen, Turteltaube.

Greek word for Dove


Italian word for Dove


Japanese word for Dove


Javanese word for Dove


Malay word for Dove


Marathi word for Dove


Polish words for Dove

gołębica, gołąb.

Portuguese word for Dove


Romanian word for Dove


Spanish word for Dove


Swedish word for Dove


Tamil word for Dove


Turkish word for Dove


Vietnamese word for Dove

chim bồ câu.