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How To Spell dress?

Correct spelling: dress

What are the misspellings for dress ?

  • divrese,
  • dreasm,
  • adrress,
  • drowesy,
  • trese,
  • aress,
  • disress,
  • drwas,
  • drems,
  • sress,
  • tressel,
  • odres,
  • drosey,
  • tree''s,
  • dressign,
  • dreww,
  • drousy,
  • butress,
  • adreas,
  • drils,
  • derys,
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  • detress,
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  • dressie,
  • drees,
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  • ordrers,
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  • tresa,
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  • wiress,
  • teressa,
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  • desuss,
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  • oderers,
  • dresswear,
  • adresss,
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  • dreds.

What is the definition of dress?

  1. dress in a certain manner; "She dresses in the latest Paris fashion"; "he dressed up in a suit and tie"

What does the abbreviation dress mean?

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What are the quotes for dress?

  1. Caviar is to dining what a sable coat is to a girl in evening dress.
  2. I had Courtney Love's left bosom out of her dress on my plate in front of me. It was extraordinary. I didn't know where to look.
  3. We can lie in the language of dress or try to tell the truth; but unless we are naked and bald, it is impossible to be silent.
  4. I have a dress -up chest at home. I love to create this fantasy kind of thing.
  5. I hold that gentleman to be the best -dressed whose dress no one observes.

What are the rhymes for dress?

  1. es, guests, vess, gless, pless, wes, tress, fests, ress, s, press, kess, chess, hesse, ness, gess, mess, les, hess, tess, nes, esse, stress, bless, ques, ess, yes, less, ches, jess, guess, bess, crests, fess, abs, cress;
  2. suppress, molests, finesse, digress, largesse, regress, excess, invests, contests, unless, compress, egress, requests, possess, fs, repress, protests, profess, etess, obsess, oppress, aggress, fluoresce, vs, address, depress, success, infests, caress, ls, assess, express, undress, ts, attests, distress, divests, ellesse, retests, recess, impress, transgress, noblesse, progress, confess, redress, digests, suggests;
  3. ins, reassess, las, dispossess, coalesce, convalesce, pos, ccs, repossess, dss, uys, ers, cps, acquiesce, cus, reinvests, uss, oas, lcs, nonetheless;
  4. ws, nevertheless, tcas, abts, cmos, stds, adss, hces;

What are the translations for dress?

Arabic word for Dress


Chinese words for Dress

穿衣, 包扎, 衣, 服饰, 服装, 礼服, 更衣, 装潢, 连衣裙.

Dutch words for Dress

zich aankleden, aankleden, kleding, kledij, jurk.

French words for Dress

costume, tenue, tailler, orner, panser, habiller, s'habiller, assaisonner, vestimentaire, vêtir, dégrossir, habillement.

German words for Dress

verbinden, aufbereiten, anrichten, zurichten, ausnehmen, Kluft, kleiden, zubereiten, abrichten, Kleidung, Tracht, anmachen, Habit, Toilette, Dress, Kleid, Robe, dressieren, dekorieren, Ankleiden, sich anziehen, einkleiden, sich bekleiden.

Italian word for Dress


Japanese words for Dress

ドレス, ワンピース, 衣紋, 身支度, 着こなし, 装う, 装い, 衣裳, ワンピ, 身なり, 出で立ち, 身拵え, 身形, みじたく, きぬ, 粧う, えもん, きこなし, よそおう, 身じたく, いでたち, みごしらえ, ふうてい, よそおい, かりこむ, みなり.

Javanese word for Dress


Malay word for Dress


Marathi word for Dress


Norwegian word for Dress


Polish words for Dress

rok, sukienka.

Portuguese words for Dress

roupa, vestir-se, indumentária.

Romanian word for Dress


Russian words for Dress

одеваться, наряжать, приправлять, парадный, платье, наряжаться, одевать, выделывать, разделывать, перевязывать, обогащать, обтёсывать, свежевать, плательный.

Spanish words for Dress

vendar, ropa, traje, atuendo, vestir, sazonar, vestido, vestirse, condimentar, adornar, acicalar, de vestir, decorar, vestimenta, indumentaria, aderezar.

Swedish word for Dress


Tamil word for Dress


Turkish word for Dress


Ukrainian word for Dress


Vietnamese word for Dress

áo đầm.