How To Spell drink?

Correct spelling: drink

What is the definition of drink?

  1. a single serving of a beverage; "I asked for a hot drink"; "likes a drink before dinner"

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What are the rhymes for drink?

  1. kink, spink, blink, stink, ink, fink, sink, clink, wink, swink, sync, minc, dink, think, pink, bink, cinque, zinc, link, flink, hink, mink, zink, shrink, rink, inc, chink, linc, brink;
  2. rethink, unlink;
  3. interlink;

What are the translations for drink?

Arabic word for Drink


Bengali word for Drink

পান করা.

Chinese words for Drink

饮, 喝, 喝酒, 饮用.

Dutch words for Drink

drinken, drank, drankje, borrel.

French words for Drink

verre, boisson, boire, absorber.

German words for Drink

Trank, trinken, Drink, Trunk, Alkohol, Umtrunk.

Italian words for Drink

bevanda, bibita, bicchiere.

Japanese words for Drink

ドリンク, 飲む, 飲料, 飲み物, 飲み, 飲物, のみもの, 聞こし召す, 呑み, のむ, きこしめす, 呑む, 飮む, いんりょう.

Javanese word for Drink


Malay word for Drink


Norwegian word for Drink


Polish word for Drink


Portuguese words for Drink

drinque, embriagar-se, bebida alcoólica.

Spanish words for Drink

tomar, trago, copa, aperitivo, bebida, beber, copo, bebida alcohólica.

Swedish word for Drink


Turkish word for Drink


Ukrainian word for Drink