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How To Spell drive?

Correct spelling: drive

List of misspellings for drive:

  • drice,
  • deriven,
  • dril,
  • harddrive,
  • drwe,
  • drovw,
  • drivle,
  • trivel,
  • dirver,
  • surrivie,
  • drvien,
  • drivine,
  • decive,
  • deive,
  • drver,
  • forive,
  • durived,
  • dreiver,
  • drywe,
  • driave,
  • triva,
  • triavel,
  • frive,
  • druves,
  • drivera,
  • derrive,
  • drie,
  • serive,
  • driwe,
  • araive,
  • driove,
  • craive,
  • dsrive,
  • serrive,
  • tarife,
  • trived,
  • dirve,
  • drivea,
  • drivewau,
  • trofeo,
  • drven,
  • drivern,
  • droven,
  • namedrive,
  • drived,
  • breive,
  • scewdriver,
  • surrive,
  • driverway,
  • fariview,
  • driev,
  • drivre,
  • driv,
  • greive,
  • divie,
  • travie,
  • druive,
  • drvie,
  • discive,
  • dirarea,
  • rivew,
  • frove,
  • ddrive,
  • drivien,
  • srve,
  • droke,
  • derliver,
  • dirive,
  • reive,
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  • vrave,
  • wardrove,
  • derivedd,
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  • d'ourve,
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  • ariive,
  • narive,
  • drivs,
  • drime,
  • dirie,
  • traver,
  • trives,
  • dersrve,
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  • ariave,
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  • drtive,
  • ridfe.

What does the abbreviation drive mean?

Related words for drive

Gooding Drive


Road in Gold Coast, Australia

Gooding Drive is a major road on the Gold Coast, Queensland. The Road begins at the intersection of Hinkler Drive in Worongary where it passes over the Pacific Motorway and runs through the suburb of Merrimac before terminating in Carrara where it joins up with Nerang - Broadbeach Road.

Karpal Singh Drive


Karpal Singh Drive is a seafront promenade within the suburb of Jelutong near George Town in Penang, Malaysia. It is named after Karpal Singh, a prominent opposition politician and lawyer who hailed from George Town.

Larapinta Drive


Route in Australia

Larapinta Drive is a designated state route in the Northern Territory of Australia. It forms the primary road access to the community of Hermannsburg, as well as a number of tourist attractions located west of Alice Springs, including the Alice Springs Desert Park, West MacDonnell National Park, Kings Canyon, monuments dedicated to Aboriginal artist Albert Namatjira and Royal Flying Doctor Service founder John Flynn, as well as Albert Namatjira's house near Hermannsburg.

Massey Drive


Town in Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador

Massey Drive is a Canadian town located on the west coast of the island of Newfoundland in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is adjacent to the city of Corner Brook and is primarily a residential area.

Mercy Drive


Rock band

Mercy Drive is an American hard rock band originally based out of Central Florida, best known for writing and performing entrance themes for World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers, most notably Maven Huffman and Randy Orton.

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Quotes for drive:

  1. I don't know how to drive a car.
  2. The painter's obsession with his subject is all that he needs to drive him to work.
  3. I take my son to school and then I drive 45 minutes to practice with my ABA team, the Florida Pit Bulls, from 10 to 1. In the afternoon, I have meetings.
  4. I can now successfully drive a stick. That's a huge accomplishment.
  5. We've had drive -by shootings. I've been spat on, slapped, shot at. One guy tried to stab me with a broken beer bottle. But the way we look at it, if people do the worst they can, we'll still wake up in glory.

Rhymes for drive:

  1. strive, clive, thrive, five, live, i've, dive, jive, dr., clyve, hive, shive, vive;
  2. contrive, revive, deprive, c5, derive, survive, connive, m5, alive, arrive;

Translations for drive:

Afrikaans word for Drive


Arabic word for Drive

نُزْهَةٌ في سَيَارَة.

Bengali word for Drive


Chinese word for Drive


Dutch words for Drive

rijden, besturen, aandrijving, schijf, oprijlaan, autorijden, rit, motivatie, gedrevenheid.

French words for Drive

conduire, diriger, pousser, traquer, envoyer, trajet, besoin, lecteur, entrain, rouler, enfoncer, propulser, dynamisme, effort, stimuler, avancé, moteur, impulsion, pulsion, traction, actionner.

German words for Drive

Zufahrt, Anfahrt, Ansteuerung, Anfahrtsweg, vorantreiben, lenken, jagen, Aktion, Laufwerk, steuern, ansteuern, Steuerung, Antrieb, Motivation, Energie, antreiben, Drive, Fahrt, Auffahrt, fahren, Auto fahren, Transmission, Getriebe, Drang, Schwung, Trieb, Ausfahrt, Autofahrt, Einfahrt, Fahrantrieb, Diskettenlaufwerk, Tatkraft, Geschlechtstrieb, Tatendrang, Elan, Spazierfahrt, Kampagne, Aussteuerung, Fahrweg, Schaltgruppe, Werbeeinsatz, Treibschlag, Werbefeldzug, Plattenlaufwerk, treiben, chauffieren, karren, kutschieren, vortreiben, Motor, Prise, Offensive, Promenade.

Greek word for Drive

διαδρομή με όχημα.

Hindi word for Drive


Italian words for Drive

guida, trasmissione, azionamento, lettore, trazione, spinta, propulsione, unità a dischi.

Japanese words for Drive

ドライブ, 伝動.

Korean word for Drive


Malay word for Drive


Marathi word for Drive

ड्राइव्ह करा.

Norwegian word for Drive


Polish words for Drive

napęd, dysk, jechać, wieźć, przejażdżka.

Portuguese words for Drive

acionador, estrada, passeio, unidade de disco, conduzir, impulsionar, prosseguir, viagem, necessidade, urgência, trajeto, percurso, seduzir, direcionar, unidade, propulsão, movimentação, tracção, motivação, passeio de carro, força motriz, coagir, rebater.

Romanian word for Drive


Russian word for Drive


Spanish words for Drive

entrada, dirigir, golpe, manejar, mover, dispositivo, disco, impulsar, llevar, incitar, accionamiento, transmisión, campaña, viaje, conducir, accionar, acercar, arrastrar, lanzamiento, fuerza, guiar, marcha, deseo, impulso, vuelta, empuje, orientar, tiro, vigor, regulador, pilotar, garra, ofensiva, lector, propulsión, vocación, variador, actuador, dinamismo, instinto, pilotear.

Swedish word for Drive


Turkish word for Drive


Vietnamese word for Drive

chuyến đi chơi bằng xe.