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Correct spelling: drive

Definition of drive:

  1. A short ride for pleasure or exercise; a course on which carriages are driven. To drive away, to force to a distance; to scatter. To drive off, to compel to remove; to drive to a distance. To drive out, to expel. To drive a bargain, to haggle about terms. Drive, in all its senses, is opposed to lead, and in all cases implies forcible or violent action.
  2. To impel or urge forward by force; to force; to force along or in any direction; to chase; to hunt; to cause to move forward and to direct course of; to convey in a carriage; to distress; to straiten; to urge; to press, as an argument; to prosecute; to carry on, as a trade.
  3. To go off in a carriage; to be forced along; to rush and press with violence; to aim at; to aim a blow.

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What does the abbreviation drive mean?

DRIVE abbreviation definitions:
–  Define Review Identify Verify Execute
–  Democratic Republican Independent Voter Education

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Quotes for drive:

  1. I don't know how to drive a car.
  2. The painter's obsession with his subject is all that he needs to drive him to work.
  3. I take my son to school and then I drive 45 minutes to practice with my ABA team, the Florida Pit Bulls, from 10 to 1. In the afternoon, I have meetings.
  4. I can now successfully drive a stick. That's a huge accomplishment.
  5. We've had drive -by shootings. I've been spat on, slapped, shot at. One guy tried to stab me with a broken beer bottle. But the way we look at it, if people do the worst they can, we'll still wake up in glory.

Rhymes for drive:

  1. strive, clive, thrive, five, live, i've, dive, jive, dr., clyve, hive, shive, vive;
  2. contrive, revive, deprive, c5, derive, survive, connive, m5, alive, arrive;