How To Spell drone?

Correct spelling: drone

What does the abbreviation drone mean?

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This graph shows how "drone" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for drone?

  1. I don't think England is that gray but India is like a long drone.

What are the rhymes for drone?

  1. goen, tone, sewn, trone, known, doan, crone, joan, cohn, lone, flown, rhone, bone, hone, shown, rone, sloane, cone, zone, shone, prone, mone, hoen, blown, clone, thrown, jone, coan, roan, grown, throne, loan, roane, mon, stone, scone, doane, fone, moan, don't, koen, boan, bowne, sloan, own, sharon, sown, groan, phone;
  2. marone, perone, intone, ramone, bemoan, atone, cologne, dijon, carone, outshone, trombone, capone, damone, hipbone, postpone, leone, condone, disown, ramon, dethrone, unknown, raton, bayonne, malone, tyrone, alone, outgrown, simone, cyclone, homegrown, tirone, pavone;
  3. overgrown, calderon, bourguignon, overblown, overthrown, unbeknown;
  4. concepcion;

What are the translations for drone?

Arabic word for Drone

طائرة بدون طيار.

Bengali word for Drone


Chinese words for Drone

嗡, 嗡嗡, 嗡嗡叫, 嗡嗡声, 寄生虫, 发出单调连续的低声.

Dutch words for Drone

dreun, onbemand vliegtuig.

French words for Drone

bourdonnement, bourdonner, vrombir, drone, faux-bourdon, ronronnement.

German words for Drone

Summen, leiern, Brummen, Gebrumm, Drohne, Schmarotzer, Basspfeife, ferngesteuertes Flugzeug, dudeln, eintönig reden.

Italian words for Drone

fuco, ronzare.

Japanese word for Drone


Portuguese word for Drone


Russian word for Drone


Spanish words for Drone

dar, zumbido, zumbar, avión teledirigido, zángano, vehículo aéreo no tripulado, aeronave no tripulada.

Swedish word for Drone


Tamil word for Drone


Turkish word for Drone

erkek arı.

Ukrainian word for Drone