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Correct spelling: drop

Definition of drop:

  1. A small globule of a fluid, which falls at once; something hanging in the form of a drop, as an ear- ring; a very small quantity of liquor, or of anything; anything arranged to drop; the part of a gallows which sustains the criminal before he is executed, and which is suddenly dropped; a machine for lowering coals, or anything heavy, into the holds of ships; the curtain in front of the stage.
  2. To pour or let fall in small drops; to let fall; to let go; to dismiss; to lay aside; to leave; to utter casually; to insert incidentally; to set down and leave; to suffer to cease; to give up; to bedrop; to speckle; to lower; to give birth to.
  3. To fall in small drops; to let drops fall; to fall; to fall spontaneously; to die, or to die suddenly; to come to an end; to come unexpectedly; to fall lower; to be deep in extent. To drop astern, to pass or move toward the stern; to move back; to slacken the velocity of a vessel, so as to let another pass beyond her. To drop down, to sail, row, or move down a river, or toward the sea.

Common misspellings for drop:

droup, drope, drom, dror.


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Examples of usage for drop:

  1. In another moment he would drop down the other side out of sight. – The Shepherd of the North by Richard Aumerle Maher
  2. And there I let it drop – The Ghost Pirates by William Hope Hodgson
  3. Anyhow, I saw it was no use asking any further questions; so I let the matter drop there. – The Ghost Pirates by William Hope Hodgson

Quotes for drop:

  1. I know that Duke made a number of demands, including that the attorney general drop its investigation. We have no intention of asking the attorney general to do that.
  2. I didn't think I was fat. I just thought I didn't need to gain any weight. But I would drop weight and then I would be comfortable with that number. Then I would lose more weight and that would become my new number.
  3. You can't just drop the 82nd Airborne into Baghdad and it will all be over.
  4. You know, as I do, actors who, having become worldwide celebrities thanks to a TV series, complain of their lot and declare themselves ready to drop it all.
  5. Humans are very aggressive and scrappy, and go to war at the drop of a hat. However, a standard land war is no longer going to work as it is no longer technically possible.

Rhymes for drop:

  1. bop, chop, cop, crop, flop, hop, lop, mop, plop, pop, prop, shop, slop, sop, stop, swap, top, wop, knop, opp, op, glop, hopp, ropp, topp, sopp, bopp, copp, dopp, hoppe, jopp, lopp, paap, popp, raap, swapp, yopp, shoppe;
  2. atop, nonstop;