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How To Spell each?

Correct spelling: each

Definition of each:

  1. (used of count nouns) every one considered individually; "each person is mortal"; "each party is welcome"

List of misspellings for each:

  • tach,
  • merch,
  • suach,
  • seach,
  • eacj,
  • outch,
  • cherch,
  • eacy,
  • beacha,
  • thech,
  • sach,
  • eachy,
  • asuch,
  • hearchy,
  • yreach,
  • eechul,
  • eatch,
  • whach,
  • iteach,
  • earh,
  • eacjh,
  • hiearchy,
  • eacch,
  • sauch,
  • beachy,
  • eacvh,
  • enaough,
  • echoy,
  • scearch,
  • reache,
  • eatchother,
  • eacn,
  • beaach,
  • leache,
  • vauch,
  • ach,
  • pach,
  • neach,
  • eachg,
  • erci,
  • cach,
  • eachoter,
  • wjich,
  • yeach,
  • daichi,
  • jacho,
  • seartch,
  • eac,
  • eachc,
  • emuch,
  • eack,
  • asearch,
  • whch,
  • tachy,
  • oneach,
  • oach,
  • heiarchy,
  • teash,
  • engh,
  • wach,
  • seearch,
  • yeacher,
  • chache,
  • echoe,
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  • uacu,
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  • kachi,
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  • eash,
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  • deach,
  • echat,
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  • 3inch,
  • shearch,
  • tatch,
  • owch,
  • ewach,
  • seaerch,
  • eacxh,
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  • ouchhh,
  • eaith,
  • ehco,
  • echeo,
  • aouch.

What does the abbreviation each mean?


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Quotes for each:

  1. With me, nothing goes right. My psychiatrist said my wife and I should have sex every night. Now, we'll never see each other!
  2. Each of the seventeen tribunals during a long period burned annually, on an average, ten miserable beings!
  3. Each time I've gone to the studio, the songs have got better and I've got more confident.
  4. The men and women who make up a plane's crew put their lives in jeopardy each time they fly. It's our job as much as anyone's to make sure we make it as safe as possible up there for them.
  5. My dream of politics all my life has been that it is the common business, that it is something we owe to each other to understand and discuss with absolute frankness.

Rhymes for each:

  1. leech, reach, beech, breech, bleach, beach, screech, preach, keech, breach, speech, peach, meech, leach, teach;
  2. impeach;

Translations for each:

Afrikaans word for Each


Arabic word for Each


Bengali word for Each


Chinese words for Each

每, 各, 每一, 每种, 各自.

Dutch words for Each

ieder, elk.

French words for Each

chacun, chaque.

German words for Each

jede, jeder, jedes, jedwede, je, her.

Greek word for Each


Hindi word for Each


Italian word for Each


Japanese words for Each

それぞれ, 各々, 一人ひとり, 一人一人, ずつ, 各, 各自, 毎, ごとに, 毎に, おのおの, づつ, 銘々, ひとりびとり, 其々, まい, パー, 各個, 1個あたり, かくじ, 一個あたり, 銘銘, 各各, 夫れ夫れ, 1個当り, 一個当り, 其其, ぱ, いっこあたり, てんでん, 其れ其れ, てんでに, それぞれの.

Javanese word for Each


Korean word for Each


Malay word for Each


Marathi word for Each


Norwegian word for Each


Polish words for Each

każda, każde.

Portuguese word for Each

cada um.

Romanian words for Each

cadă, văr, fiecare.

Spanish words for Each

todo, cada una, cada uno, cada.

Tamil word for Each


Ukrainian word for Each