How To Spell eager?

Correct spelling: eager

What is the definition of eager?

  1. having or showing keen interest or intense desire or impatient expectancy; "eager to learn"; "eager to travel abroad"; "eager for success"; "eager helpers"; "an eager look"

What does the abbreviation eager mean?

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What are the rhymes for eager?

  1. eger, seger, segar, leaguer, seager, eagar, meager, seeger;
  2. beleaguer;

What are the translations for eager?

Arabic word for Eager


Bengali word for Eager


Chinese words for Eager

渴望, 切, 急切, 急于, 踊跃, 屁颠屁颠, 渴望的.

Dutch words for Eager

enthousiast, vurig, gretig, bereid, gedreven, onstuimig, begerig.

French words for Eager

soucieux, impatient, désireux, hâte, enclin, soucieuse, enthousiaste, enthousiastes, avide, pressé, avides, zélé.

German words for Eager

begierig, eifrig, ungeduldig, bemüht, erpicht, bereitwillig, gierig, strebsam, dienstbeflissen, einsatzfreudig.

Greek word for Eager


Italian word for Eager


Japanese word for Eager


Korean word for Eager

간절히 바라는.

Malay words for Eager

Bersemangat, Semangat.

Polish words for Eager

chętny, niecierpliwy, żądny, skwapliwy, ochoczy, gorliwy, skory, entuzjastyczny, chętni.

Portuguese words for Eager

disposto, interessado, desejoso, dispostos, loucos, sôfrego.

Romanian word for Eager


Russian words for Eager

стремящийся, усердный, жаждущий, страстно желающий, нетерпеливый, стремятся.

Spanish words for Eager

dispuesto, entusiasta, ansioso, curioso, motivado, impaciente, entusiasmado, ardiente, ilusionado, anhelante, anheloso, vehemente, impulsivo.

Swedish words for Eager

ivrig, ivriga.

Turkish word for Eager


Ukrainian word for Eager


Vietnamese word for Eager

háo hức.