How To Spell EAP?

Correct spelling: EAP

What does the abbreviation EAP mean?

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What are the usage examples for EAP?

  1. They used to go away struck all of a 'eap. – Light Freights, Complete by W. W. Jacobs
  2. We was struck all of a 'eap, and then Bill picked up the bucket and threw some water over 'im, and by and by he comes round agin and in a dazed sort o' way puts his arm round Bill's neck and begins to cry. – Light Freights, Complete by W. W. Jacobs
  3. Bill sat struck all of a 'eap, and it might 'ave passed off, only Henery White spoke up for 'im, and said that he scarcely ever 'ad a pint but wot somebody else paid for it. – Light Freights, Complete by W. W. Jacobs

What are the rhymes for EAP?

  1. she, guaranty, reap, shi, nominee, klee, ged, tenn, free, je, pawnee, jaycee, mme, v, steep, franchisee, sri, bee, enlistee, tennessee, gee, deep, lp, lepe, streep, deportee, fsi, slee, lavie, andree, magee, spie, odp, tyree, cac, referee, sep, zea, sleep, ot, bt, ye, xie, mpg, me, loree, g, ki, bourgeoisie, sheree, sea, ve, mea, bbc, esprit, bibi, cyb, nabil, glee, cat-3, nee, we, jee, snee, gutsy, pree, ddt, ofc, kyi, khe, resignee, inductee, enrollee, valoree, reep, flea, blea, te, mit, mcghee, trainee, lea, leap, oversea, louie, flee, potpourri, creep, rupee, si, sepe, b, rosemarie, rb, tea, prix, escapee, li, brea, ib, plea, tv, three, fee, seep, atp, tse, internee, appointee, syp, cc, z, henri, qi, ji, nie, ree, id, cxc, vi, trustee, mcgee, spree, bui, banshee, guarani, ski, thierry, guarantee, he, be, wee, nghi, zee, designee, tree, cie, mt, curie, ab, leep, marquee, thee, repartee, ghee, capri, lsd, fi, the, waikiki, undersea, ee, leigh, rea, nic, diep, c, conferee, whoopee, gyi, quai, lxi, lee, xi, cheap, peep, musee, honoree, disagree, vendee, yi, ze, dee, knee, parolee, qui, vee, yee, cod, see, mc, d, dsv, cree, keep, beep, brie, markee, yippee, sze, weep, p, hee, bree, foresee, oad, marie, ip, bea, chee, goatee, dea, licensee, detainee, lessee, jubilee, apc, yangtze, indri, tee, ravi, dupree, nestle, njt, t, retiree, jeep, ti, draftee, cd, emcee, dundee, sie, devotee, de, crea, c3, heap, pattee, kea, ranee, debris, sweep, seip, marquis, chea, bleep, mi, veep, jie, decree, shri, degree, se, ne, kee, pri, chablis, fop, sightsee, key, m3, rosalee, pea, re, quay, sci, yie, mee, smee, thi, jessee, sheep;
  2. agree, adee, alee, achee, felipe, abee, albee, bopeep, ac, asleep;
  3. addressee, adoree, abt, adoptee, amputee, amc, absentee;
  4. irit, geac, hnat, lapd, knbc, interviewee;
  5. awb;