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How To Spell easily?

Correct spelling: easily

What are the misspellings for easily ?

  • astill,
  • lessly,
  • easaly,
  • uausly,
  • easylly,
  • eisily,
  • eserly,
  • asily,
  • eaisier,
  • asley,
  • fercily,
  • aslie,
  • usally,
  • usely,
  • gasoil,
  • isely,
  • usueally,
  • easiley,
  • espeaially,
  • esepially,
  • azilla,
  • essescially,
  • uasully,
  • escepially,
  • easiear,
  • easey,
  • enirly,
  • easelly,
  • eaasier,
  • eisle,
  • assilum,
  • easealy,
  • eeasier,
  • uusally,
  • useauly,
  • easiyl,
  • tasly,
  • easliey,
  • weasil,
  • fearsly,
  • easilty,
  • eastly,
  • nasily,
  • earily,
  • abily,
  • pasily,
  • uasul,
  • easaily,
  • uslly,
  • easylie,
  • essenially,
  • easly,
  • easrly,
  • uasualy,
  • easibly,
  • earrly,
  • apliy,
  • eagaly,
  • asslo,
  • ashly,
  • epescially,
  • ovisouly,
  • ussaly,
  • eaisley,
  • essaly,
  • earlierly,
  • casuly,
  • weasol,
  • vessile,
  • aisile,
  • easyly,
  • eaysier,
  • easyaly,
  • eazyly,
  • escially,
  • eeirily,
  • ussally,
  • easiyer,
  • oveisely,
  • vaisly,
  • earfly,
  • usailly,
  • evily,
  • eargly,
  • usallay,
  • nessarly,
  • aziala,
  • eaily,
  • esilly,
  • teasely,
  • lesiurly,
  • echilly,
  • eassilly,
  • ezekiel14,
  • usaslly,
  • eaarly,
  • emasil,
  • eazel,
  • assibly,
  • exally.

What is the definition of easily?

  1. In an easy manner.

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What are the quotes for easily?

  1. Doing easily what others find difficult is talent; doing what is impossible for talent is genius.
  2. Those who easily forgive invite offenses.
  3. Mortals are easily tempted to pinch the life out of their neighbour's buzzing glory, and think that such killing is no murder.
  4. God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I've ever met.
  5. Corporate documents, like football game plans, are not easily drafted in a stadium, with thousands of very interested fans participating, each with their own red pencil, trying to reach a consensus on every word.

What are the rhymes for easily?

  1. uneasily;

What are the translations for easily?

Afrikaans word for Easily


Arabic word for Easily


Bengali word for Easily


French words for Easily

simplement, absolument, parfaitement, certainement, facilement, aisément, tranquillement, sans peine.

German words for Easily

einfach, Gut, sicher, komfortabel, bequem, ruhig, Dicke, leicht, locker, mühelos, behaglich, ungezwungen, entspannt, spielend leicht, unschwer, ohne Umstände, auf leichte Weise.

Greek word for Easily


Hindi word for Easily

आसानी से.

Japanese words for Easily

なかなか, てもなく, らくらく, 軽々, 楽々, 直ぐ, 難なく, すんなり, 中々, 易々, 軽軽, 訳無く, 闇闇, ほいほい, かろがろ, 闇々, なんなく, ホイホイ, 訳なく, すがり, 苦もなく, やすやす, やみやみ, 手も無く, スッスッ, 難無く, 鳥渡, すかり, 造作もなく, ぞうさもなく, 楽楽, 一堪りもなく, 手もなく, むざむざ, くもなく, 中中, 一堪りも無く, かるがる, わけなく, 造作も無く, 優に, すっすっ, ころり, 苦も無く, 容易に.

Javanese word for Easily


Norwegian word for Easily


Polish word for Easily


Romanian word for Easily


Russian word for Easily


Spanish words for Easily

absolutamente, fácilmente, perfectamente, suavemente, con facilidad, ciertamente, sencillamente, sueltamente, cómodamente, tranquilamente.

Swedish word for Easily


Turkish word for Easily


Ukrainian word for Easily


Vietnamese word for Easily

dễ dàng.