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Correct spelling: ee

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What are the usage examples for ee?

  1. Ee don't want no men while he's got 'er. – Harvest by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  2. And ye ken weel eneuch there's an ee that sees a' thing, and ye canna hide frae hit." – Alec Forbes of Howglen by George MacDonald
  3. When I started to come away this evening he hugged my leg, and kept saying, 'No sir- ee sir! – Polly of the Hospital Staff by Emma C. Dowd
  4. I hear his coo- ee far below! – Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield
  5. Now do ee go in, sir- do ee go in. – Love Me Little, Love Me Long by Charles Reade Edition: 10 Language: English
  6. Ringing thr- r- ree- four- o- thr- r- ee Madison Square. – Outside Inn by Ethel M. Kelley
  7. Do- ee do what I tell ye, boy! – The Covered Wagon by Emerson Hough
  8. Wilt not let ’ ee come to harm. – The Snow-Burner by Henry Oyen
  9. They swept around the curving bend in the road, where it half- circled the corrals, and Ellhorn's lusty " Whoo- oo- oo- ee ee rang out as they drew rein at Mead's door; Las Plumas, the night and ninety miles behind them. – With Hoops of Steel by Florence Finch Kelly
  10. It was written thus: 'Ly- ee Moon. – With Zola in England by Ernest Alfred Vizetelly