How To Spell effect?

Correct spelling: effect

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What are the translations for effect?

Afrikaans word for Effect


Arabic word for Effect


Chinese words for Effect

效, 效果, 影响, 效应, 成效.

Dutch words for Effect

effect, uitvoering, invloed, weerslag, resultaat, werking, indruk, cel, uitwerking.

French words for Effect

impact, fin.

German words for Effect

Auswirkung, Einfluss, Effekt, Wirkung, Ergebnis, Folge, Einwirkung, erwirken, verursachen, Ausbeute, bewirken, bewerkstelligen, Kraft, Gültigkeit, Eindruck, tätigen, zu Stande bringen, Effet.

Hindi word for Effect


Italian word for Effect


Japanese words for Effect

影響, 効果, 作用, 効用, できばえ, げん, 現有勢力, さよう, げんゆうせいりょく, 出来栄え, 甲斐, 効験.

Javanese word for Effect


Malay word for Effect


Norwegian word for Effect


Polish words for Effect

wpływ, skutek, rezultat, efekt, konsekwencja.

Portuguese words for Effect

produzir, efeito, executar, eficácia, efetuar, influência, incidência.

Romanian word for Effect


Russian words for Effect

действие, воздействие, эффект, следствие, последствия, впечатление.

Spanish words for Effect

resultado, consecuencia, realizar, lograr, sentido, impacto, causar, efecto, incidencia, efectuar, vigor, secuela, vigencia, impresión.

Swedish word for Effect


Ukrainian word for Effect