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How To Spell element?

Correct spelling: element

List of misspellings for element:

  • elemerty,
  • elegenat,
  • ellimenate,
  • alinement,
  • emmentt,
  • easment,
  • evolement,
  • elimanate,
  • plumment,
  • eliquent,
  • elemments,
  • elemanet,
  • ellamentl,
  • elementory,
  • enament,
  • elemnts,
  • elleminate,
  • elemenary,
  • eleagant,
  • helment,
  • eqiument,
  • elementery,
  • elemtn,
  • eleminate,
  • areement,
  • immeminet,
  • apyment,
  • elementrey,
  • eliment,
  • elemnet,
  • equiment,
  • ilearnt,
  • eupiment,
  • elemantry,
  • elemant,
  • ailement,
  • elemntry,
  • elemantal,
  • equioment,
  • elemnarty,
  • allinement,
  • emmenate,
  • evarment,
  • emolyment,
  • ellegent,
  • elamentary,
  • plymount,
  • alighment,
  • erollment,
  • elemnetry,
  • aruement,
  • ewuipment,
  • knowledgement,
  • elequent,
  • elliquent,
  • ultiement,
  • elments,
  • elementar,
  • belomont,
  • edgemont,
  • elementry,
  • ernollment,
  • euipment,
  • emment,
  • elliquient,
  • elemenate,
  • ultimant,
  • elagent,
  • enoyment,
  • enlighment,
  • talemnt,
  • ultimently,
  • elemanated,
  • fullment,
  • eligant,
  • elephent,
  • elepahant,
  • erlevnt,
  • easiment,
  • elgant,
  • elemment,
  • elelment,
  • elemite,
  • elogant,
  • achiebement,
  • elemens,
  • elpfant,
  • elementray,
  • elegent,
  • equicmant,
  • oliment,
  • eletmentary,
  • elemanate,
  • deleopment,
  • relevamnt,
  • elimante,
  • imment,
  • ellafant,
  • ivolvment,
  • elemanray.

Related words for element

Element Yachts



Element Yachts is a second generation Canadian boatbuilding company located in Erin, Ontario. The company is currently producing the Element line of express cruiser boats with the first model of the series, the 27-foot Element 270 EXC beginning production in 2005.

Fifth Element


Studio album by Pathfinder

Fifth Element is the second studio album by Polish Symphonic Power Metal band Pathfinder. It was released in Asia May 23, 2012 and to the rest of the world May 26, and included region-specific bonus tracks.

Military Liaison Element


Defense force

A military liaison element is small group of special forces personnel, sometimes just one or two at a time, attached to embassies in Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, or somewhere else where terrorists are thought to be operating, planning attacks, raising money or seeking safe haven, especially those teams in the United States.

The Riff Raff Element


British television series

The Riff Raff Element was a 1990s British television series written by Debbie Horsfield and directed by Jeremy Ancock for BBC1. The series was nominated for the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series in 1994.

This Is My Element


2007 film

This Is My Element is an Element skateboarding video. It was their 8th video, and was released and premiered on June 21, 2007, Go Skateboarding Day, at 100 locations in the U.S., 34 of them in California alone.

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Quotes for element:

  1. The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.
  2. A creative element is surely present in all great systems, and it does not seem possible that all sympathy or fundamental attitudes of will can be entirely eliminated from any human philosophy.
  3. There's definitely an old school element to my music, but I also think it's modern.
  4. Well, in The Chosen, Danny Saunders, from the heart of his religious reading of the world, encounters an element in the very heart of the secular readings of the world- Freudian psychoanalytic theory.
  5. There is an element of autobiography in all fiction in that pain or distress, or pleasure, is based on the author's own. But in my case that is as far as it goes.

Translations for element:

Arabic word for Element


Chinese words for Element

素, 要素, 因素, 元件, 元素.

Dutch words for Element

component, onderdeel, deel, bestanddeel, gedeelte, bouwsteen, bouwdeel, basisbestanddeel.

French word for Element


German words for Element

Einsatz, Einschlag, Bestandteil, Element, Baustein, Bauelement, Bauteil, Komponente, Grundstoff, Teilaspekt, Lebenselement, Grundeinheit, Verbandsteil.

Greek word for Element


Hindi word for Element


Italian word for Element


Javanese word for Element


Korean word for Element


Malay word for Element


Russian words for Element

элемент, стихия.

Spanish words for Element

elemento, factor, componente.

Tamil word for Element


Turkish word for Element


Ukrainian word for Element


Vietnamese word for Element

yếu tố.