How To Spell elsewhere?

Correct spelling: elsewhere

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What is the definition of elsewhere?

  1. In another place: in other places.

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This graph shows how "elsewhere" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for elsewhere?

  1. I cannot well afford to write- My fingers are in call elsewhere But I must voice my black despair, Or I should die before 'twas night.

What are the translations for elsewhere?

Arabic word for Elsewhere

في مَكَانٍ آخَر.

Bengali word for Elsewhere


Chinese word for Elsewhere


Dutch words for Elsewhere

daarbuiten, elders, ergens anders.

French words for Elsewhere

ailleurs, autre part.

German words for Elsewhere

sonst, anderweitig, anderswo, woanders, andernorts, irgendwo anders, anderswohin, an anderer Stelle, sonst wo, anderenorts, anderwärts, woandershin.

Greek word for Elsewhere


Italian word for Elsewhere


Japanese word for Elsewhere


Javanese word for Elsewhere

Ing panggenan liya.

Korean word for Elsewhere

다른 곳에.

Malay word for Elsewhere

Di tempat lain.

Marathi word for Elsewhere


Polish word for Elsewhere

gdzie indziej.

Portuguese words for Elsewhere

em outro lugar, em outra parte, em outro local, alhures, algures, em outro lado, em outro sítio.

Romanian word for Elsewhere


Russian word for Elsewhere

в другом месте.

Spanish words for Elsewhere

en otros lugares, en otro lugar, a otro lugar, a otra parte, en otra parte, a otro sitio, en otro sitio, en otro lado, en los demás sitios, a/en otro sitio.

Swedish word for Elsewhere

någon annanstans.

Turkish word for Elsewhere

başka yerde.

Ukrainian word for Elsewhere

в інше місце.

Vietnamese word for Elsewhere

ở nơi khác.