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Correct spelling: Elvis


Common misspellings for Elvis:

elivis, evis, elvs, elivs, elis, evlis.

Elvis \e-lvis, el-vis\

Elvis as a boy's name is pronounced EL-viss. Possibly related to Alvis from Norse mythology. Made famous by the late singer/actor Elvis Presley. Name of a sixth-century Irish saint, who is also known as Elwyn, Elwin, Elian and Allan. World champion skater Elvis Stojko; football player Elvis Grbac.
Related names:
Yoelvis, Kelvis.
Alvise, Alviss.
Elvys, Alvis, Alvys, Elvio, Elviss, Elvo.

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Examples of usage for Elvis:

  1. Everything he had ever read about flying blondes had appeared either in comic books or the same tabloids that reported things like Elvis and Jesus sightings, and not one of those rags had ever printed a picture of a flying blonde that hadn't been fairly obviously altered. "An Encounter in Atlanta" , Ed Howdershelt.
  2. O. crispus and elvis Macgillivray. "Journals Of Two Expeditions Of Discovery In North-West And Western Australia, Vol. 2 (of 2)" , George Grey.

Quotes for Elvis:

  1. Do you realize that I have had five albums in the Top 30. Elvis and The Beatles have never done that. I had five singles in the Top 5, I mean, no one's ever done that. - Chubby Checker
  2. Don't Cry Daddy is a pretty sad song. He got to the end of it and it was just real quiet and Elvis says, I'm gonna cut that someday for my daddy. And, by God, he did. He lived up to his word. - Mac Davis
  3. It's pretty amazing to me that my first hit record was an Elvis Presley record. - Mac Davis
  4. When I first met Elvis, we had so much in common and became fast friends. - Wayne Newton
  5. I was very keen on people like Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Gene Vincent. - Robin Trower
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