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How To Spell embarkation?

Correct spelling: embarkation

Definition of embarkation:

  1. That which is embarked; as, an embarkation of Jesuits.

List of misspellings for embarkation:

  • embarkagion,
  • emkbarkation,
  • embwarkation,
  • embarmation,
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Examples of usage for embarkation:

  1. Passengers only bring hand baggage with them, the rest went on board yesterday; the embarkation is beautifully managed and orderly, there is an astonishing repression of excitement and show of out of place feeling. – From Edinburgh to India & Burmah by William G. Burn Murdoch

Quotes for embarkation:

  1. I had the Big Horn river explored from Wind River mountain to my place of embarkation.

Rhymes for embarkation:

  1. population, speculation, damnation, recertification, codification, collectivization, democratization, migration, clarification, explanation, reevaluation, revitalization, liberalization, separation, accumulation, incoordination, transportation, authentication, ventilation, falsification, titillation, documentation, dictation, incapacitation, civilization, agglomeration, subsidization, mediation, gasification, irritation, urbanization, reconfirmation, diversification, malformation, ionization, infatuation, stabilization, centralization, classification, restoration, adaptation, disembarkation, preoccupation, exhalation, degradation, jubilation, stagflation, amputation, reincarnation, affirmation, perforation, confederation, emanation, emancipation, recitation, oration, gradation, popularization, extrapolation, precipitation, misrepresentation, ejaculation, innovation, oxidation, miscommunication, assimilation, menstruation, rationalization, reiteration, strangulation, observation, alienation, adoration, elimination, delegation, pronunciation, annexation, self-congratulation, pasteurization, commercialization, proliferation, revelation, convocation, industrialization, evaluation, privatization, dramatization, specialization, suffocation, laceration, plantation, preservation, disqualification, appreciation, justification, occupation, gyration, sequestration, usurpation, deification, location, congregation, regulation, obligation, renunciation, complication, duplication, gentrification, equalization, calculation, respiration, pigmentation, enumeration, vilification, molestation, conflagration, instigation, inundation, cooperation, infiltration, gravitation, dislocation, deformation, defamation, decontamination, miniaturization, transplantation, adulation, rededication, decoration, reallocation, reservation, fabrication, flotation, vaccination, modernization, indexation, domination, preparation, levitation, connotation, denunciation, characterization, oscillation, incrustation, humiliation, certification, edification, appropriation, dispensation, exclamation, compensation, identification, hospitalization, relation, contemplation, determination, cohabitation, incubation, hesitation, incrimination, education, substantiation, vindication, renomination, gestation, invocation, hallucination, admiration, authorization, machination, purification, inhabitation, desecration, stipulation, lubrication, indignation, retardation, obfuscation, socialization, elaboration, augmentation, solicitation, predestination, vaporization, recalculation, fertilization, dissertation, punctuation, recreation, incantation, fortification, animation, glorification, lactation, evaporation, transillumination, russification, exoneration, starvation, instrumentation, allocation, implication, coronation, misappropriation, detonation, renegotiation, deflation, replication, colonization, reputation, association, importation, consideration, annihilation, exhortation, reauthorization, fluctuation, inclination, retaliation, mummification, legislation, exasperation, reparation, deviation, fibrillation, temptation, politicization, procrastination, nomination, discrimination, termination, foundation, exhilaration, recrimination, intimidation, modification, inactivation, amelioration, representation, condemnation, sarmatian, marginalization, coloration, pagination, articulation, demodulation, concatenation, constellation, reconciliation, indemnification, unionization, visitation, trepidation, rejuvenation, regeneration, unification, remuneration, publication, validation, figuration, excavation, disintegration, reclassification, interpretation, navigation, irradiation, incarnation, imagination, stalinization, argumentation, rehabilitation, affrication, resuscitation, eradication, ovation, deregulation, imputation, hydrogenation, appalachian, cancellation, magnification, fumigation, approbation, implementation, correlation, sensation, expectation, suburbanization, 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rehydration, derivation, concentration, aspiration, confirmation, invitation, sedimentation, sanctification, demonization, disinformation, demarcation, valuation, translation, transformation, application, libration, stagnation, resignation, fixation, consummation, agitation, disorientation, categorization, degeneration, manifestation, disinflation, hybridization, formulation, evocation, overpopulation, intimation, conglomeration, consolation, horatian, manipulation, reverberation, communization, reaffirmation, adjudication, registration, expropriation, segregation, collaboration, vacillation, sterilization, isolation, rumination, orchestration, sophistication, saturation, continuation, congratulation, reflation, ostentation, miscreation, exploitation, ramification, deprivation, exfoliation, fermentation, quantification, sedation, globalization, commendation, equitation, delineation, glaciation, configuration, radiation, demoralization, discoloration, desegregation, dilation, detoxification, avocation, exhumation, appellation, cogitation, computation, notation, commemoration, taxation, demonstration, domestication, reaffiliation, alleviation, desolation, toleration, meditation, motivation, exacerbation, implantation, mutilation, reexamination, triangulation, realization, personification, alteration, declaration, narration, recommendation, affiliation, consultation, simplification, formation, deceleration, consecration, generalization, imitation, litigation, facilitation, provocation, pressurization, subluxation, misinformation, communication, corporation, examination, expiration, gastrulation, refutation, confabulation, exaggeration, intoxication, overvaluation, infestation, desperation, nucleation, inflammation, mobilization, desalination, elation, extermination, foliation, decertification, constipation, immunization, saponification, deliberation, privation, variation, corroboration, escalation, amortization, sanitation, combination, experimentation, amalgamation, tribulation, disinclination, croatian, privatisation, depopulation, visualization, improvisation, orientation, recantation, inspiration, estimation, advocation, dehydration, cultivation, organisation, electrification, emigration, conciliation, gratification, operation, reinterpretation, procreation, proration, repatriation, hyperinflation, ossification, flirtation, designation, optimization, criminalization, inoculation, intonation, negotiation, conjugation, segmentation, moderation, vegetation, repudiation, regimentation, creation, contamination, relocation, recuperation, amplification, violation, pacification, reinvigoration, crustacean, backwardation, coordination, perpetuation, relaxation, coagulation, desalinization, disorganization, hibernation, specification, approximation, illumination, indoctrination, discontinuation, harmonization, perspiration, affectation, calibration, denationalization, verification, magnetization, demobilization, aviation, naturalization, undervaluation, corp, medication, inhalation, masturbation, misidentification, pontification, simulation, prognostication, nullification, illustration, nondiscrimination, germination, differentiation, remediation, balkanization, neutralization, insulation, standardization, desiccation, integration, dilatation, fluoridation, ordination, frustration, investigation, vulgarization, victimization, generation, personalization, reformation, permutation, destabilization, reorganization, negation, qualification, decentralization, dedication, exploration, dissemination, mitigation, compilation, miseration, impersonation, habitation, ligation, assassination, expatriation, cremation, refrigeration, origination, presentation, federation, mutation, immigration, destination, multiplication, confrontation, reconsideration, syndication, intensification, evacuation, capitulation, misapplication, modulation, palpitation, pollination, elevation, westernization, culmination, participation, dehumanization, salvation, anticipation, annotation, optation, consolidation, fascination, christianization, mineralization, hydration, reconfiguration, securitization, proclamation, organization, deforestation, dissociation, ministration, redecoration, reforestation, ovulation, information, bifurcation, installation, emulation, depravation, dissipation, telecommunication, duration, echolocation, consternation, nonproliferation, excitation, rotation, devaluation, notification, explication, conversation, tabulation, revocation, devastation, inauguration, liquidation, ratification, conservation, perturbation, celebration;
  2. nation, haitian, station, ration;
  3. castration, cessation, cetacean, alsatian, citation, carnation, causation;
  4. abrogation, aberration, activation, accusation, abdication, acclimation;
  5. acceleration, accreditation, abbreviation, accommodation, abomination;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, cannibalization, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for embarkation:

Afrikaans word for Embarkation


Arabic word for Embarkation


Bengali word for Embarkation


Chinese word for Embarkation


French words for Embarkation

embarqué, embarquement.

German word for Embarkation


Hindi word for Embarkation


Italian word for Embarkation


Korean word for Embarkation


Malay word for Embarkation


Polish word for Embarkation


Russian word for Embarkation


Swedish words for Embarkation

ombordstigning, påstigning.

Turkish word for Embarkation


Ukrainian word for Embarkation


Vietnamese word for Embarkation

sự tham gia.