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How To Spell emergence?

Correct spelling: emergence

List of misspellings for emergence:

  • emergensy,
  • emergene,
  • emerngency,
  • emmergency,
  • emrgency,
  • aregence,
  • ammergancies,
  • emergmcy,
  • energence,
  • arrigence,
  • emergince,
  • emergeing,
  • errigance,
  • emmergence,
  • emergercy,
  • ellagence,
  • emergenc,
  • ermergency,
  • emargency,
  • arragence,
  • emergincys,
  • emergncy,
  • emmence,
  • emergancy,
  • emergincies,
  • mergence,
  • arregance,
  • emergant,
  • emergemcy,
  • emergng,
  • erogance,
  • emergeny,
  • emergenvy,
  • emergicy,
  • ermegency,
  • emergany,
  • emerrgency,
  • emergences,
  • elogence,
  • emergencey,
  • ergencey,
  • reemergance,
  • emergecy,
  • evergeens,
  • emergincey,
  • emergenccy,
  • emercancy,
  • eleagance,
  • amergancy,
  • emergnacy,
  • emerginse,
  • arregonce,
  • emgenecy,
  • eleagnce,
  • emergenct,
  • emergiencies,
  • emergnecy,
  • emergentr,
  • emergcy,
  • urgence,
  • emergign,
  • aledgence,
  • energency,
  • emergencie,
  • ememgency,
  • emagened,
  • emrgncy,
  • emerangency,
  • emergancies,
  • emergecies,
  • emergerncy,
  • emerganic,
  • emeregency,
  • emergenecy,
  • aleagence,
  • emergenty,
  • emegency,
  • emergance,
  • emergincy,
  • emegencies,
  • emergacy,
  • immergence,
  • emence,
  • emergnt,
  • mergency,
  • emergice,
  • eligence,
  • emergentes,
  • emerginig,
  • emegrency,
  • emergen,
  • emergiency,
  • emgergency,
  • ergencie,
  • emgergncies,
  • reammurgance,
  • emergancey,
  • emergine,
  • arrogence,
  • emerganices.

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Emergence Bio-Energy Inc. is a Lexington, Massachusetts based startup company focused on providing power generation capabilities to rural farmers and villagers, specifically in Bangladesh.

Emergence from Chaos


Book by Stuart Holroyd

Emergence from Chaos is a 1957 book by the English writer Stuart Holroyd. In the first part of the book, Holroyd discusses different types of spirituality, while in the second part—roughly two thirds of the book—these distinctions are used to analyse the works of six different poets, each of whom reacted to the issues of modernity with his own spiritual vision.

Share International


Non-profit organization

Share International Foundation is a non profit organization founded by Benjamin Creme with its main offices in London, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

SiN Episodes


Computer game

SiN Episodes were a planned series of episodic games for Microsoft Windows that would have expanded upon the 1998 computer game SiN. A total of nine episodes were planned with only the first one released.

The Emergence of Modern Turkey


Book by Bernard Lewis

The Emergence of Modern Turkey is a 1961 book written by historian Bernard Lewis, an expert in the history of Middle East and Islam. The book covers the history of modern Turkey, from the decline and collapse of the Ottoman Empire up to the present days.

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This graph shows how "emergence" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for emergence:

  1. submergence, convergence, divergence, resurgence;
  2. reemergence;

Translations for emergence:

Afrikaans word for Emergence


Arabic word for Emergence


Bengali word for Emergence


French words for Emergence

apparition, émergence, naissance, émersion, affleurement.

German words for Emergence

Austritt, auftreten, entstehen, Eintritt, auftauchen, aufkommen, Erscheinung, Auswuchs, Entstehung, Herausbildung, hervortreten, Emergenz.

Hindi word for Emergence


Italian word for Emergence


Malay word for Emergence


Marathi word for Emergence


Norwegian word for Emergence


Polish words for Emergence

powstanie, wytwarzanie, zainicjowanie, pojawienie, powstawanie.

Portuguese word for Emergence


Romanian word for Emergence


Spanish words for Emergence

nacimiento, comienzo, llegada, surgimiento, advenimiento, emergencia, eclosión, germinación.

Swedish word for Emergence


Turkish word for Emergence