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Correct spelling: emergence

Definition of emergence:

  1. The act of emerging; a sudden appearance; an unexpected event; exigence; pressing necessity.

Common misspellings for emergence:

emergancy, emergincy.


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This graph shows how "emergence" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for emergence:

  1. The only gratification he could have drawn from his temporary emergence was to perceive that his false confederate must perish as well as himself. –  by
  2. Anyhow, before I could gratify my curiosity on this point, the re- emergence of my Uncle Theodore saved his retainer from an inquiry. –  by
  3. Still Donalblane could make out nothing, and he marvelled at the keenness of the Indian's vision, until suddenly, not twenty yards in front of the canoe, the smooth surface of the water was broken by the emergence of the hideous head and broad shoulders of a monstrous manatee. –  by

Rhymes for emergence:

  1. convergence, divergence, resurgence, submergence;
  2. reemergence;