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How To Spell emigration?

Correct spelling: emigration

What are the misspellings for emigration ?

  • imiigration,
  • imigration,
  • imigation,
  • immogration,
  • immergation,
  • innigration,
  • imagatiaton,
  • 3migration,
  • emkgration,
  • imagimation,
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What is the definition of emigration?

  1. The passage of white blood-cells through the endothelium and walls of the small blood-vessels.

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What are the quotes for emigration?

  1. Emigration, forced or chosen, across national frontiers or from village to metropolis, is the quintessential experience of our time.
  2. Emigration is no longer a solution; it's a defeat. People are risking death, drowning every day, but they're knocking on doors that are not open.
  3. A great emigration necessarily implies unhappiness of some kind or other in the country that is deserted.
  4. On the subject of emigration, it is not my intention to dwell at any length.
  5. Civilisation has ever accompanied emigration and conquest- the conflict of opinion, of religion, or of race.

What are the rhymes for emigration?

  1. generation, sanctification, ovation, evacuation, deceleration, proration, transillumination, privatisation, disinflation, obligation, taxation, backwardation, codification, inhalation, repatriation, colonization, foliation, evocation, revelation, dehumanization, liquidation, diversification, conjugation, disorientation, altercation, reallocation, hyperinflation, modulation, extrapolation, reflation, impersonation, electrification, capitulation, harmonization, communization, configuration, certification, precipitation, demobilization, rehabilitation, habitation, defamation, coronation, creation, refrigeration, confrontation, discrimination, recuperation, segregation, convocation, degeneration, fertilization, inclination, marginalization, denationalization, miniaturization, separation, culmination, irradiation, victimization, proclamation, pigmentation, globalization, amelioration, titillation, desalination, dramatization, civilization, gyration, explication, alteration, russification, fermentation, sedation, confabulation, croatian, pollination, hibernation, solicitation, nitration, exhortation, adulation, reincarnation, libration, corroboration, inspiration, stabilization, predestination, standardization, stagflation, animation, eradication, declaration, clarification, recitation, reverberation, incrimination, imagination, reclamation, assassination, glorification, edification, ionization, decertification, reinvigoration, menstruation, politicization, dissipation, profanation, dilation, maximization, dissemination, generalization, telecommunication, population, deportation, toleration, calculation, expatriation, delineation, fibrillation, commercialization, motivation, association, hospitalization, trepidation, dissociation, gestation, reconfiguration, misapplication, gastrulation, overpopulation, irrigation, transportation, nomination, undervaluation, destabilization, extermination, optimization, flirtation, ossification, suburbanization, intoxication, continuation, oscillation, suffocation, translation, demoralization, participation, lactation, normalization, collectivization, negation, arbitration, distillation, aspiration, invalidation, nucleation, exploration, mutation, mobilization, gasification, enumeration, deviation, authorization, dispensation, naturalization, explanation, sterilization, obfuscation, experimentation, adaptation, rationalization, graduation, allocation, devastation, refutation, liberation, recommendation, fixation, respiration, coordination, emulation, hydration, foundation, duration, excommunication, malformation, desalinization, visualization, vaccination, protestation, ovulation, recreation, stimulation, oration, equitation, machination, consideration, ventilation, indoctrination, recrimination, incoordination, consummation, filtration, denomination, desperation, granulation, perspiration, transformation, stipulation, migration, revocation, bifurcation, relaxation, reconfirmation, frustration, pressurization, amalgamation, intensification, assimilation, reiteration, exoneration, orchestration, procrastination, elevation, localization, affectation, figuration, correlation, resuscitation, meditation, concentration, dedication, perforation, exacerbation, exhilaration, emanation, cohabitation, revaluation, nondiscrimination, computation, consolation, rumination, annotation, origination, narration, reconsideration, ratification, decoration, approbation, dilatation, agglomeration, detoxification, palpitation, interpretation, donation, integration, condensation, nationalization, misinformation, specification, fumigation, dislocation, regimentation, sanitation, democratization, germination, crustacean, reunification, conglomeration, destination, insulation, strangulation, probation, vilification, levitation, disinclination, manipulation, resignation, aggravation, ejaculation, glaciation, renovation, consolidation, monopolization, liberalization, moderation, mediation, consultation, designation, prefabrication, admiration, cooperation, reaffiliation, improvisation, incubation, violation, disintegration, publication, popularization, amortization, appropriation, isolation, modernization, cogitation, retardation, pronunciation, relocation, echolocation, socialization, valuation, conciliation, vaporization, self-congratulation, incrustation, vindication, disputation, situation, inactivation, manifestation, inundation, infestation, exclamation, pontification, communication, exaggeration, gentrification, deflation, qualification, illustration, contemplation, deliberation, reputation, calibration, punctuation, falsification, compensation, subluxation, termination, exfoliation, flotation, indignation, incarnation, recalculation, deforestation, importation, reconciliation, horatian, orientation, remuneration, procreation, vegetation, demonstration, salvation, decentralization, exploitation, insubordination, preparation, gradation, balkanization, augmentation, demodulation, presentation, desiccation, depredation, coagulation, christianization, litigation, misinterpretation, saponification, amputation, corporation, immunization, emancipation, constipation, expiration, centralization, remediation, nonproliferation, pagination, notation, rejuvenation, deformation, desegregation, fortification, overvaluation, recantation, polarization, excitation, evaluation, collaboration, gravitation, prostration, conservation, conflagration, detonation, dictation, miscreation, infiltration, justification, elation, reparation, concatenation, inflammation, adjudication, hesitation, reexamination, imputation, vocation, excavation, legalization, annexation, variation, syndication, proliferation, installation, fabrication, vacation, reinterpretation, gratification, jubilation, urbanization, illumination, deprivation, cancellation, premeditation, magnetization, equalization, incarceration, molestation, demarcation, formulation, identification, immigration, discoloration, argumentation, consternation, disinformation, nullification, degradation, contamination, anticipation, speculation, categorization, reservation, organisation, initiation, criminalization, incapacitation, accumulation, reorganization, commemoration, cremation, summation, medication, appellation, connotation, rehydration, exasperation, securitization, limitation, inflation, annihilation, unionization, congratulation, classification, agitation, appalachian, complication, relation, computerization, rededication, ramification, reevaluation, permutation, ministration, conversation, misappropriation, avocation, redecoration, expectation, neutralization, corp, desolation, differentiation, reformation, operation, commendation, documentation, application, expropriation, verification, misidentification, temptation, automation, interrogation, organization, recertification, representation, revitalization, propagation, validation, miseration, confiscation, ornamentation, saturation, impregnation, congregation, purification, formation, confederation, rectification, substantiation, implication, oxidation, delegation, confirmation, replication, visitation, infatuation, sedimentation, imitation, mineralization, exhalation, depreciation, starvation, reclassification, disqualification, duplication, amplification, privatization, stagnation, mutilation, hydrogenation, escalation, adoration, subsidization, pasteurization, indemnification, articulation, examination, personalization, privation, tabulation, information, legislation, inauguration, deification, repudiation, instigation, affirmation, incantation, triangulation, advocation, evaporation, humiliation, inoculation, innovation, usurpation, dalmatian, damnation, elongation, stalinization, laceration, dissertation, quantification, westernization, estimation, dehydration, notification, navigation, location, maturation, specialization, industrialization, sensation, negotiation, intimidation, characterization, subordination, sophistication, sequestration, fragmentation, combination, invitation, quotation, mitigation, multiplication, authentication, demonization, deregulation, affiliation, plantation, indication, registration, lubrication, compilation, equivocation, hybridization, coloration, cultivation, ostentation, decontamination, celebration, inhabitation, elaboration, determination, indexation, magnification, exhumation, realization, implementation, depravation, disembarkation, aviation, ligation, constellation, instrumentation, education, insemination, preservation, miscalculation, preoccupation, ordination, unification, alleviation, reauthorization, federation, occupation, vibration, allegation, intonation, fluoridation, simulation, retaliation, mechanization, condemnation, invocation, simplification, regulation, perpetuation, implantation, denunciation, appreciation, hallucination, reaffirmation, divination, miscommunication, derivation, tribulation, facilitation, renunciation, mummification, disorganization, renomination, vacillation, restoration, approximation, perturbation, domination, fascination, utilization, transplantation, consecration, irritation, pacification, renegotiation, fluctuation, investigation, depopulation, intimation, radiation, sarmatian, indentation, rotation, embarkation, provocation, observation, masturbation, desecration, reforestation, optation, decapitation, devaluation, affrication, discontinuation, alienation, segmentation, personification, elimination, insinuation, misrepresentation, regeneration, vulgarization, prognostication, modification, domestication, incorporation;
  2. nation, station, ration, haitian;
  3. alsatian, cessation, carnation, citation, causation, castration, cetacean;
  4. abrogation, activation, accusation, acclimation, aberration, abdication;
  5. abomination, abbreviation, accreditation, acceleration, accommodation;
  6. alphabetization, cannibalization, capitalization, acidification;
  7. decriminalization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization, americanization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

What are the translations for emigration?

Afrikaans word for Emigration


Arabic word for Emigration


Bengali word for Emigration


Dutch word for Emigration


French word for Emigration


German word for Emigration


Greek word for Emigration


Italian words for Emigration

emigrare, emigrazione.

Japanese word for Emigration


Javanese word for Emigration


Korean word for Emigration


Polish word for Emigration


Portuguese word for Emigration


Russian word for Emigration


Swedish word for Emigration


Tamil word for Emigration


Turkish word for Emigration


Ukrainian word for Emigration


Vietnamese word for Emigration

sở di trú.