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How To Spell eminent?

Correct spelling: eminent

Definition of eminent:

  1. having achieved eminence; "an eminent physician"

List of misspellings for eminent:

  • movemnent,
  • eminen,
  • arminean,
  • omnisient,
  • imedient,
  • permininent,
  • eminit,
  • imment,
  • oppnent,
  • remminent,
  • amonest,
  • amdendent,
  • acnient,
  • monent,
  • eminnet,
  • lamenent,
  • ignoent,
  • permenanet,
  • femininate,
  • omnicent,
  • perminint,
  • permenent,
  • immminent,
  • emminent,
  • paymnent,
  • remnent,
  • feminant,
  • immienent,
  • minent,
  • ammendent,
  • oomponent,
  • emmenate,
  • immiment,
  • laminante,
  • inend,
  • minunte,
  • amnount,
  • imminet,
  • femininty,
  • ammenment,
  • oinment,
  • remainant,
  • amonunt,
  • apermanent,
  • iminent,
  • imediant,
  • remanent,
  • immmenent,
  • perminanate,
  • emmentt,
  • dominent,
  • eminance,
  • ermanent,
  • eminant,
  • omicient,
  • perminant,
  • omnidant,
  • ominscent,
  • domanent,
  • mneant,
  • eminint,
  • laminant,
  • enament,
  • argumnent,
  • imienent,
  • domoninent,
  • meanint,
  • immintent,
  • luminesent,
  • effienent,
  • perminante,
  • imanent,
  • permminent,
  • amkount,
  • immenat,
  • emoillent,
  • enoyment,
  • feminent,
  • inminent,
  • eminantly,
  • omniessent,
  • pominent,
  • immeminet,
  • pemanent,
  • porminent,
  • opoinent,
  • elmininate,
  • emedient,
  • emminant,
  • feminint,
  • emment,
  • laminent,
  • permonent,
  • elininate,
  • emolient,
  • perminent,
  • embiente,
  • imenant,
  • amenment,
  • feminenity.

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Eminent Historians


Book by Arun Shourie

Eminent Historians: Their Techniques, Their Line, Their Fraud is Arun Shourie's fifteenth book and was published in 1998.

Eminent Nonentities


Book by Alaric Jacob

Eminent Nonentities, published in 1971, is a collection of short stories by the English author and journalist Alaric Jacob.

Eminent Technology



Eminent Technology is American audio electronics company based in Florida, established in 1983 by Bruce Thigpen. Their first product was an air bearing straight line tracking tonearm for phonograph playback, and was the first implementation of a captured air bearing for tonearm use.

Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain


Computer game

Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain is a real-time strategy computer game. The game emphasizes empire building and customization. Instead of using a single large map as do most of the current real-time strategy games, Pax Imperia revolves around star systems connected by wormholes or jump points, which connect a system of star systems in a large web.

The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson Volume 1


Album by J. J. Johnson

The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson Volume 1 is the name used for two different but related albums by American jazz trombonist J. J. Johnson.

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This graph shows how "eminent" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for eminent:

  1. No student ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him: it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required, that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction.
  2. Justice is itself the great standing policy of civil society; and any eminent departure from it, under any circumstances, lies under the suspicion of being no policy at all.
  3. It is probable that there is no one thing that it is of eminent importance for a child to learn.
  4. Now, my father Matthias was not only eminent on account of is nobility, but had a higher commendation on account of his righteousness, and was in great reputation in Jerusalem, the greatest city we have.
  5. Censure is the tax a man pays to the public for being eminent.

Rhymes for eminent:

  1. preeminent;

Translations for eminent:

Afrikaans word for Eminent


Arabic word for Eminent


Dutch words for Eminent

hoogwaardig, vooraanstaand, hoogstaand.

German words for Eminent

bedeutend, ausgezeichnet, angesehen, hervorragend, prominent, ansehnlich, eminent.

Greek word for Eminent


Hindi word for Eminent


Javanese word for Eminent


Malay word for Eminent


Marathi word for Eminent


Polish word for Eminent


Russian words for Eminent

именитый, титулованный.

Spanish word for Eminent