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How To Spell emotional?

Correct spelling: emotional

Definition of emotional:

  1. of or pertaining to emotion; "emotional health"; "an emotional crisis"

List of misspellings for emotional:

  • oditional,
  • emaotion,
  • emotiuonal,
  • emotionallly,
  • opitional,
  • emotainal,
  • emotonal,
  • combutional,
  • emotioanl,
  • opptional,
  • emocionally,
  • emotiong,
  • emoitional,
  • emothinal,
  • emotionaly,
  • demesional,
  • mational,
  • pomotional,
  • amontialdo',
  • emotioaly,
  • affitional,
  • emaotional,
  • emontional,
  • inmotionaly,
  • emotionn,
  • aditionall,
  • emontionly,
  • emotionful,
  • emotionel,
  • eomtional,
  • emortional,
  • addtional,
  • emoionally,
  • emoational,
  • emotionlly,
  • emotionles,
  • addtioinal,
  • emnotional,
  • emotionas,
  • emotinoally,
  • emotianal,
  • erational,
  • emonial,
  • attional,
  • emtional,
  • emetional,
  • emotoinal,
  • addtionaly,
  • emotioan,
  • eucational,
  • emotonally,
  • imitial,
  • emotionsal,
  • emosionally,
  • emoution,
  • emoctionally,
  • emotinial,
  • emtion,
  • emotionals,
  • argumentional,
  • emitional,
  • emotionla,
  • emortion,
  • emoional,
  • emotianly,
  • emoinaly,
  • aditional,
  • dimisional,
  • aditianal,
  • demsional,
  • emotionnaly,
  • emeotion,
  • emotionlal,
  • opsional,
  • iformational,
  • immotional,
  • emotionaless,
  • emotionall,
  • aditionaly,
  • emocional,
  • emosionly,
  • edditional,
  • emotiones,
  • eduational,
  • anational,
  • demetional,
  • optianal,
  • emontionally,
  • emotianol,
  • emmotion,
  • emotionlay,
  • demtionally,
  • emotinal,
  • amotionally,
  • emotians,
  • emotuonally,
  • enotional,
  • attitional,
  • emotuional,
  • adtional.

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Studio album by Stone

Emotional Playground, released in 1991, is the fourth and final studio album released by Finnish thrash metal band Stone.

Emotional Rain


Studio album by Lee Aaron

Emotional Rain is the seventh studio album by singer Lee Aaron, released on August 3, 1994 through A&M Records and in 1995 through Koch Entertainment; it was later reissued in 2004 through Solid Gold Records.

Emotional Remains


Studio album by Richard Marx

Emotional Remains is the eighth studio album by Richard Marx which was released digitally on October 31, 2008 on Marx's website.

Emotional Violence


Album by Cameo

Emotional Violence is a 1991 album by the funk/R&B group Cameo. The album failed to make an impact in the charts, prompting the band to take a break from recording new material until In the Face of Funk, released in 1994.

Premiata Forneria Marconi


Rock band

Premiata Forneria Marconi is an Italian progressive rock band. PFM were the first Italian group to have success abroad, entering both the British and American charts. Between 1973 and 1977 they released five albums with English lyrics.

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Rhymes for emotional:

  1. promotional, devotional;
  2. unemotional;

Translations for emotional:

Afrikaans word for Emotional


Arabic word for Emotional


Bengali word for Emotional


Chinese words for Emotional

情感, 情感的.

French words for Emotional

sensible, intense, susceptible, émotionnel, affectif, émotif, ému.

German words for Emotional

sensibel, empfindsam, bewegt, pathetisch, psychisch, seelisch, bewegend, emotional, sentimental, emotionell, gefühlsmäßig, gefühlsbetont, gefühlsbedingt, seelisch bedingt, gefühlsduselig, aufgewühlt.

Greek word for Emotional


Hindi word for Emotional


Italian word for Emotional


Korean word for Emotional


Malay word for Emotional


Norwegian word for Emotional


Polish word for Emotional


Romanian word for Emotional


Spanish words for Emotional

emocionante, apasionante, emocionado, conmovedor, emotivo, nervioso, emocional, conmovido, afectivo, exaltado, enternecido.

Swedish word for Emotional


Turkish word for Emotional


Ukrainian word for Emotional


Vietnamese word for Emotional

xúc động.