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Correct spelling: endogenous


Definition of endogenous:

  1. 1. Originating or produced within the organism or one of its parts. 2. Endogenic.
  2. Belonging to the endogens; of the nature of endogens, which increase in the stem by internal growth; originating by spontaneous effort from within.

Common misspellings for endogenous:

endegenous, indoginess, endigious, endogeneous.

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Examples of usage for endogenous:

  1. And it is not till Cainozoic times that we have the endogenous grasses and palms and angiospermous exogens. "Creation and Its Records" , B.H. Baden-Powell.
  2. They differ from the genuine epilepsy by the absence of the characteristic dementia, of attacks of petit mal, and by the fact that the seizures are never purely endogenous in origin. "Studies in Forensic Psychiatry" , Bernard Glueck.

Quotes for endogenous:

  1. As the new endogenous growth theory suggests, TFP growth is closely related to accumulation of the intangible capitals, such as human capital and research and development. - Toshihiko Fukui
  2. I recognized that information was, in many respects, like a public good, and it was this insight that made it clear to me that it was unlikely that the private market would provide efficient resource allocations whenever information was endogenous. - Joseph E. Stiglitz
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