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How To Spell england?

Correct spelling: england

Definition of england:

  1. The people of England and its language.

List of misspellings for england:

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  • engalnce,
  • equillant,
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  • englight,
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Quotes for england:

  1. The right of petition is an old undoubted household right of the blood of England, which runs in our veins.
  2. I always thought it hadn't influenced me very much, but I heard from many people from England that many motives from German fairytales are to be found in my books.
  3. Around the property I have here, I'm about to put an all weather race track. I'm about to build stables. I'm about to ship over a couple of my thoroughbreds from England.
  4. If the people in Britain knew the nature and disposition of the New England people as well as we do they would not find so many friends in England as I suppose they do.
  5. England is one of my favorite places. The fans are just so crazy.

Translations for england:

Arabic word for England


Chinese word for England


Dutch word for England


French word for England


Greek word for England


Hindi word for England


Italian word for England


Japanese word for England


Javanese word for England


Korean word for England


Malay word for England


Russian word for England


Spanish words for England

Inglaterra, Anglia.

Turkish word for England


Ukrainian word for England


Vietnamese word for England

nước Anh.