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Writing is and always has been big business in Australia and all around the world. Whether you're writing for yourself or someone else it is very important that the spelling and grammar be correct. Misspelled and misused words can cause the written words of even the most accomplished author to be difficult to read and hard to understand.

That's why it's always a good idea to double check ones writing with a spell checking program that is not only easy to use, but one that is accurate. is the best online Australian spell check website available. Not will only check your spelling for free, it will also check your entire written material for grammatical errors as well.

The website is so easy to use you don't even have to take time to learn how it works just simply type or paste your words into the spell check window, select the language that you want the spell checker to use and click the Spell Check button. A new window will appear with the spell checked material in it, all you have to do is accept or reject the corrections. It's that easy! has an extensive Australian spelling directory as well as Australian English spelling directory, but that's not all can check your writing in many different languages including: Dutch, Danish, English- Canadian, English-United Kingdom, Spanish, German, Greek, and so much more.

If you choose to use the Australian spell checker it's like having an Australian spelling dictionary right at your finger tips. The same goes for all of the languages that uses. So, if you're a writer and you want to save yourself time and ensure that everything you write is the best that it can be use and get it right the first time.

Try today, it's fun, it's easy and it's correct.