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Let's face it. We all make spelling mistakes in our work. Whether we simply don't know how to spell a word or we keyboard it incorrectly. Everyone's work could have embarrassing spelling errors. is a free online service that can eliminate those mistakes. is especially helpful when needing to check your spelling in a language other than United States English. Canadian English spelling is different that U.S. spelling and can ensure that your Canadian spelling is correct. can check documents in many other languages as well.

Canadian spell check on can check for accuracy of spelling on websites, blogs, research papers, homework, business memos, emails, etc. Anything that you write can be checked on Canadian spell checker . This site is useful for students, teachers, job seekers, professional writers, bloggers and those working in any type of business.

The website is free and simple to use. Simply cut and paste your writing into the box on the site and select your language. The program will check your writing for errors and will highlight any questionable words. The program will also offer options you can choose from to correct your work. You can choose a suggested correction or choose to ignore the suggestions. To spell check your website, simply enter you website address and email. Your website will automatically be checked for spelling and a report of spelling errors will be emailed to you. It doesn't get any simpler than that. In addition, you get immediate feedback. There is no waiting for an official report. You get your document checked the minute your press, \"Spell Check\".

Using will give you the comfort of knowing your work is accurate. The site ensures that you have the correct spellings for the Canadian English you are wanting to use.