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How To Spell entertainment?

Correct spelling: entertainment

What are the misspellings for entertainment ?

  • entertainmeant,
  • netertainment,
  • interterment,
  • enterainment,
  • entreteinment,
  • entrtament,
  • entertainmaent,
  • etertainment,
  • enterteinment,
  • entertainting,
  • entertinment,
  • entertianment,
  • entertrainment,
  • entertamment,
  • entertianmaent,
  • entretainment,
  • entertaiment,
  • entertainement,
  • entertaniment,
  • entertainmemt,
  • entertainmenet,
  • entertamement,
  • enternment,
  • entertanement,
  • entertatinment,
  • intertenmnt,
  • entertainemt,
  • entertiment,
  • enightenment,
  • entertament,
  • entertainind,
  • envirtonment,
  • entertinament,
  • interminttent,
  • intertanment,
  • enteretainment,
  • entatainment,
  • entertainmetn,
  • entrertainment,
  • entertainments,
  • entertaimment,
  • entertaintainment,
  • interdepartment,
  • entertaininment,
  • entertantment,
  • entertaintment,
  • intertaiment,
  • entertainemtn,
  • entrtainment,
  • inoftainment,
  • enterntaimnet,
  • entartainment,
  • enetertainment,
  • enterintment,
  • enteratinment,
  • entertainent,
  • entertainmnt,
  • entartinements,
  • intertiment,
  • enterntainment,
  • entaintainment,
  • enternatinment,
  • enterianment,
  • entaintment,
  • entertainemnt,
  • intertainment,
  • enterttainment,
  • enteratment,
  • entertanment,
  • entirtanment,
  • enteranment,
  • extertainment,
  • entertaimenment,
  • intermittentent,
  • entironment,
  • unfortunanent,
  • entainment,
  • enterintainment,
  • entertainnment,
  • entetainment,
  • entertainmet,
  • enterteinament,
  • entertainignw,
  • enertainment,
  • entertaimnet,
  • entertment,
  • intergovernment,
  • enterrtainment,
  • entertasinment,
  • intertament,
  • enetrtainment,
  • entertainmnet,
  • entertaintain,
  • intertinment,
  • ebtertainment,
  • entertainmnent,
  • enteratainment,
  • entertainiment,
  • enternainment,
  • entertanianment.

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What are the usage examples for entertainment?

  1. Then they departed for Jamestown, after having thanked Powhatan and Pocahontas for their entertainment – The Princess Pocahontas by Virginia Watson

What are the quotes for entertainment?

  1. I think video games are a great kind of entertainment. They have replaced a lot of games people normally play with their friends and neighbours, like Monopoly.
  2. They weren't interested in entertainment. They were tough. I learned one trick, which was to be quieter than they were until they had to look at you. It took a lot of agressiveness.
  3. Movies and television shows based on comic books constitute the worst single genre in the history of filmed entertainment( with the exception of porn).
  4. I don't want to be someone's entertainment.
  5. I was always looking ahead. I used to do all kinds of things for entertainment. When I was young, we had no radio, no TV. We were 30 miles from the public library, out in the sticks in Western Kansas, and so I'd do arithmetic exercises.

What are the rhymes for entertainment?

  1. arraignment, attainment, containment;
  2. infotainment;

What are the translations for entertainment?

Arabic word for Entertainment


Dutch words for Entertainment

vermaak, animatie, ontspanning, vertier.

French words for Entertainment

spectacle, loisirs, loisir, plaisanterie, divertissement, distraction, animations.

German words for Entertainment

Darbietung, Unterhaltung, Entertainment, Animation, Amüsement.

Greek word for Entertainment


Italian words for Entertainment

spettacolo, divertimento, intrattenimento, animazione, svago.

Japanese words for Entertainment

エンターテイメント, エンターテインメント, エンタテインメント, エンタテイメント, エンタメ, 余興, もてなし, 愛嬌, あいきょう, 持てなし, お構い, 御愛敬, おかまい, 供応, 馳走, 座興, ちそう, ご愛敬, 饗応, よきょう, ごち, 持て成し, ごあいきょう, 愛きょう, 御構い, きょうおう, ざきょう, ご愛嬌, ゴチ, 御愛嬌, 愛敬, ご愛きょう.

Korean word for Entertainment


Malay word for Entertainment


Norwegian word for Entertainment


Polish word for Entertainment


Portuguese word for Entertainment


Romanian word for Entertainment


Russian words for Entertainment

развлекательный, увеселительное мероприятие, развлечения.

Spanish words for Entertainment

ocio, esparcimiento, entretenimiento, recreo, entretención, divertimiento.

Swedish word for Entertainment


Ukrainian word for Entertainment


Vietnamese word for Entertainment

vui chơi.