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How To Spell environment?

Correct spelling: environment

Definition of environment:

  1. the totality of surrounding conditions; "he longed for the comfortable environment of his livingroom"

List of misspellings for environment:

  • environemntally,
  • infridgment,
  • envorirment,
  • enviorerment,
  • environemts,
  • enviornmant,
  • envioenment,
  • enviornoment,
  • envirmonment,
  • environmants,
  • envirnonment,
  • envirnemnt,
  • environmrnt,
  • evironment,
  • envirnomental,
  • enviroumend,
  • invronment,
  • environrment,
  • envoronments,
  • everymoment,
  • envirronment,
  • evriroment,
  • envaroment,
  • invironments,
  • enviromwent,
  • enviroemtn,
  • envoirnment,
  • envirionments,
  • enivonmental,
  • environent,
  • environmets,
  • invoirnment,
  • envirenment,
  • environmant,
  • envronments,
  • envioronmental,
  • enfringment,
  • envirrment,
  • invoironment,
  • envoirnmently,
  • environemnt,
  • envirolmental,
  • envirolment,
  • envirounment,
  • envirenments,
  • envoronment,
  • environements,
  • envirament,
  • invoriment,
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  • envoionment.

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School in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment, or BASE, is one of four public high schools in the Prospect Heights Educational Campus.

Environment of Nevada


The environment of Nevada comprises diverse biotas, climates, and geologies. Environmental regulations and the environmental movement have aimed to respond to environmental threats.

Environment Triptych


Art work

The Environment Triptych, by sculptor Jon Edgar, is a group of three portrait heads of environmental thinkers of the day. First assembled in 2008, it is composed of the terracotta heads of James Lovelock, proposer of the Gaia hypothesis, moral philosopher Mary Midgley, and writer Richard Mabey.

Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of Kosovo


Government ministry

The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning is a ministry within the Government of Kosovo. Its areas of responsibility include environment protection, ensuring provision of information about the state of environment, setting preconditions for rational utilization, protection and restoration of natural resources, etc.

The Write Environment


TV series

The Write Environment is a documentary series hosted by Jeffrey Berman. It is produced by Amy Gollnick; the executive producer is Jeffrey Berman. The series, which premiered in November 2008, is produced and distributed by RDRR Productions.

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Translations for environment:

Afrikaans word for Environment


Arabic word for Environment


Chinese words for Environment

周围, 环境.

Dutch word for Environment


French words for Environment

cadre, environnement, contexte, ambiance.

German words for Environment

Umwelt, Umfeld, Umgebung, Milieu, Rahmenbedingungen, Environment, Atmosphäre, Ambiente, Kader, Entourage.

Greek word for Environment


Japanese word for Environment


Javanese word for Environment


Malay word for Environment


Marathi word for Environment


Norwegian word for Environment


Polish word for Environment


Portuguese words for Environment

quadro, meio-ambiente, enquadramento, meio envolvente, arredores.

Romanian word for Environment


Russian words for Environment

окружающая среда, окружение, экология.

Spanish words for Environment

marco, contexto, entorno, medio ambiente, envolvente, naturaleza, alrededores, clima.

Swedish word for Environment


Ukrainian word for Environment