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How To Spell equally?

Correct spelling: equally

Definition of equally:

  1. In the same degree; uniformly; evenly.

List of misspellings for equally:

  • equitly,
  • eually,
  • equale,
  • ectually,
  • ually,
  • atucally,
  • equatl,
  • unually,
  • acully,
  • epecally,
  • usualllly,
  • reqally,
  • acualely,
  • equallize,
  • adequley,
  • exally,
  • eqeal,
  • exeally,
  • uaually,
  • useaully,
  • equial,
  • equly,
  • eqaulity,
  • equel,
  • eaqually,
  • 11equals,
  • ushaully,
  • inequally,
  • equialy,
  • equalled,
  • igeally,
  • eaqule,
  • equalt,
  • equil,
  • aucually,
  • quckly,
  • accaly,
  • equialty,
  • equllay,
  • eqully,
  • usueally,
  • eagarly,
  • achually,
  • equiality,
  • ecpeially,
  • elegally,
  • accaully,
  • equalaty,
  • elligally,
  • leagally,
  • equalls,
  • usuallly,
  • eagaly,
  • euqal,
  • accualy,
  • egularly,
  • equaliy,
  • unally,
  • regually,
  • equials,
  • useually,
  • egual,
  • uggly,
  • atcually,
  • atually,
  • easully,
  • quialy,
  • acally,
  • equriy,
  • equallty,
  • escially,
  • equla,
  • eaqul,
  • equalty,
  • ekually,
  • equaily,
  • reguarlly,
  • eqaual,
  • leggally,
  • eqaully,
  • eagerlly,
  • accuallly,
  • ectualy,
  • equlally,
  • qually,
  • eaquality,
  • quiqly,
  • equalliy,
  • usuaully,
  • uguly,
  • usially,
  • eqaul,
  • uaully,
  • eqally,
  • requarly,
  • equaly,
  • uaualy,
  • accually,
  • reagually,
  • equali.

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This graph shows how "equally" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Translations for equally:

Afrikaans word for Equally


Arabic word for Equally

على قدم المساواة.

Bengali word for Equally


Chinese word for Equally


French words for Equally

autant, aussi, tout aussi, de manière égale, de la même manière, pareillement, aussi bien, tout autant, indifféremment, en parts égales.

German words for Equally

ebenfalls, ebenso, gleichfalls, entsprechend, gleich, gleichwertig, gleichberechtigt, in gleichem Maße, genauso.

Greek word for Equally


Hindi word for Equally

समान रूप से.

Italian word for Equally


Japanese word for Equally


Javanese word for Equally


Korean word for Equally


Malay word for Equally


Marathi word for Equally


Norwegian word for Equally


Polish word for Equally


Romanian word for Equally

la fel de.

Spanish words for Equally

tanto, asimismo, equitativamente, igualmente, por igual, con equidad, de forma equitativa, de una manera equitativa, con igualdad, igualitariamente, en igualdad de condiciones.

Swedish word for Equally


Turkish word for Equally

aynı derecede.

Ukrainian word for Equally