How To Spell equipment?

Correct spelling: equipment

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What are the rhymes for equipment?

  1. shipment;

What are the translations for equipment?

Afrikaans words for Equipment

uitrusting, toerusting.

Arabic word for Equipment


Bengali word for Equipment


Chinese words for Equipment

器材, 器械, 仪器, 装置, 设备.

Dutch words for Equipment

gereedschap, apparatuur, installatie, inrichting, benodigdheden, materiaal, materieel.

French words for Equipment

appareil, machine, instrumental, équipements, appareillage, attirail, fourniment.

German words for Equipment

Anlage, Einrichtung, Vorrichtung, Ausrüstung, Equipment, Ausstattung, Geräte, Material, Fundus, Betriebsmittel, Apparatur, Gerätschaften, Utensilien, Instrumentarium, Rüstzeug, Sachmittel, Gerätschaft, maschinelle Ausstattung, Installation.

Italian word for Equipment


Japanese words for Equipment

装置, 設備, 機材, 装備, 備品, 装具, 設え, イクイップメント, 機械類, 備え付け, そうち, せつび, ぐび, そうぐ, 調度品, びひん, ちょうどひん, 備付, 具備, そなえつけ, しつらえ, 設い, しつらい, きかいるい, そうび.

Korean word for Equipment


Malay word for Equipment


Norwegian word for Equipment


Polish words for Equipment

urządzenie, aparatura.

Portuguese word for Equipment


Romanian word for Equipment


Russian words for Equipment

оснащение, обородувание.

Spanish words for Equipment

aparato, equipo, equipamiento, herramientas, aparatos, maquinaria, materiales.

Swedish word for Equipment


Tamil word for Equipment


Turkish word for Equipment


Ukrainian word for Equipment